This ****** Me Off

One of my jobs of the past was as a librarian and I used to get so annoyed at people. They would write in our books. If you want to write in the book go buy it. otherwise leave it alone for others to enjoy as well.

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2010

even worse when they rip out the photos and diagrams, worst of all when they rip out the last few pages of a novel!!

And forget magazines.... ugh!

OH I agree 100%. I have seen people tear out pages, because THEY WERE TOO CHEAP TO SPEND 5 CENTS FOR A COPY!<br />
I think a lifetime library ban is called for!

Thanks BKD

I agree with you. I'll take some books out at the library I'll see stains, pictures, writing, pages ripped. It's like, they don't care. Other people want to be able read not see scribble of crayons or markers on the words or anything else.