Plus Size Clothing Help And Making New Friends :)

Yes Im a 36 yr old plus size woman ive been looking online for a group to meet other plus size women and make friends. To talk about whatever with and about plus size clothes. Ive also been trying to find a group for other plus sizes selling their plus size clothes they cant wear or swapping the clothes or just giving away. I have seen lots of groups in other country's besides the us that have groups like these but they dont ship anything to the us . Im on disability so have to watch how much i spend on things. But Im in desperate need of clothing I dont have any summer clothes or really any nice or cute clothing at all.. Some was stolen from me and some lost so what i do have pretty much is falling off of me because ive lost some weight. I understand my problems arent anyone elses but my own and am not doing this to make anyone feel sorry for me. Im sure there is other plus size women with the same problems surely?? But im not just on here looking for clothes. Im also here to find and make new friends with other plus sizes or anyone for that matter... I dont have alot of people that I can talk to or talk to about problems or anything. I have alot going on in my life right now plus my father is dieing.. so Id love to make some new friends and share our thoughts with eachother.. Hope to hear from someone soon and everyone take care! :)
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1 Response Jul 22, 2011

A plus size women is too beautiful for any non fitting clothes :*