The ' Anti - Christ ' Has Made Christianity Seem Very Suspicious To Me

The Greatest thing About Christianity being and appearing to me so ... Suspicious about it being 'Deceptive' is this crazy fail safe that is put on it.

Of course now for anybody that finds Christianity worth disputing its Legitimacy's and Ruthless Leaders (That is obvious to know about the future of things), will serve and due ... 'Scare' ... those that really think they need to stay and keep 'Loyal' to all this nonsense.

I really hate this idea of an 'Anti-Christ', because that just shows me how Barbaric and Un-Loving such a God really is.

Especially when there are non threating Leaders in this world.

This is to have us in a mist of more deception than it already is! I hate it!

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
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3 Responses Apr 21, 2010

Contradictions and rules to overcome pure logic in order to make sense of and pass off lies=religion<br />
which equal the desired result of not listening to yourself and hearing the truth. Cant control people not playing the game.

What I was Noting. Christianity will fr<x>ame us under the Ruler that they expect. Tieing us as one. I have been anti Christian myself. And I was Noting that Christianity will Lable us as such. Which has given me the jiebbies from them being bias, loyal and closed minded to their Religion or so called their Belief's.

I'm anti Christian, does that make me an anti-christ?