Not Responding To My Text...what The ****

It all started when i noticed this particular girl in my class towards the end of the quarter. I never got the chance to talk to her as she is always surrounded by a mob of her friends as well as disappearing once lecture was over. So I purposely finished my final exam early, so I could talk to her when she heads out of the lecture room. It worked out perfectly. I run up to her, introduce myself, talk for a bit, and I get her phone number. She thinks im cute, so that's a good sign she's at least interested in me. I text her 6-7 hours after the initial conversation. SCREW THE 3 DAY RULE. It's not the timing, but what you text her that is the most important. If you wait three days and all you text her: "Hey, whats up?" what the **** was the point of waiting for three days? Makes you look stupid. Anyways, the texting was pretty good. I found something odd about the way she was texting me. Was she not very interested in me? When i talked to her on the day of the final exam she seems interested, and she even thought I was attractive appearance-wise. She finally told me through a text that texting wasn't her forte. I leave her a text that I had to go. She doesnt reply. I leave another text the next day at night asking: "Are you busy?" because I wanted to call her and ask her out on a date. However, still no reply from her. It's been two days since my last text with no reply. I DON'T GET IT AT ALL. Is it something I did? Is it because it is winter break and she might be busy? Even so, that's no excuse to ignore a person's text, its rude and ****** up if you ask me. I NEED your opinion on this one asap because I think i'm going insane thinking about it and pretty much in heartbroken territory at the moment.
dancethepainaway dancethepainaway
22-25, M
Dec 16, 2012