I hate someone.
I can honestly say I hate him.
So basically he took away a year of my ***** given and threw them in the trash.
He didn't have many other friends. I felt bad for him... so that's when I decided to meet him and talk to him. I met him when I was a sophomore in high school. He and I were buddies. He was sort of a nerdy guy, a slight introvert, but we became great friends, sitting at lunch together, in class, helping each other out with homework, it was the best time of my life.
I truly thought he was a gentleman. He could always make me laugh.
He graduated that year, and the summer after sophomore year we kept in touch, emailed, played games together, I really liked him.
I saw him that August before my Junior year.
We continued to message the beginning of that fall.
Suddenly I got the assumption he didn't care. We stopped talking as much... but I still cared about him.
I still ******* tried to keep our friendship together.
Because I liked him a lot.
He told me then that he was moving to a state across the country. I was upset for a while but I got over it.
After a certain time in April of my Junior year, he stopped responding to me.
I, however, continued to try and pursue his attention. The occasional "How are you?" or "Happy fourth of July!" Finally I gave up. I broke down. I sent a message telling him how uncool it is to not respond to me. He responded with the worst... worst... excuse. He was busy with video games.
I stopped trying.
Then just today my best friend, who works at a fast food restaurant nearby, told me that he came in and she was his cashier.
She asked him if he used to go to our school and he said he did.
It was definitely him.
I tried once more to talk to him. Once more.
I give up. He's an *******. I can't say I wish I never met him... because the year that we were friends was the best year I lived.
This is the worst.
These tears I'm shedding today are the last ones I will waste on a lying douchebag like him.
Southernpanda Southernpanda
18-21, F
Aug 28, 2014