When i was diagnosed with depression, it was my best friend who got me through. She held me up, kept me smiling whenever she could and cried with me when she couldn't. She was there every single day, every single time i needed her. i told her everything, showed her my cuts and scars. she said she didn't care. she said she'd always stick with me. she said a lot of stuff. then one day i find out that her and a group of other people, some of which were also supposed to be my friends, and included my ex boyfriend, had been planning to get me kicked out of school for being a 'freak' and an 'emo'. they wanted me out because apparently they didn't want me around, since i was 'a risk to them and myself'. and i find out that she was only ever 'friends' with me because she likes to gossip. now, a load of people know some of my most personal secrets because she just couldn't keep her mouth shut. everyday i have to walk into school and try to ignore her whispering and sniggering. everyday i'm terrified that the whole thing is going to start up again. and now i have new friends, who are so much better but i still can't completely trust all of them because of what one cow did.
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She dont deserve Your friend ship.shrug it off.