It Happened Again! Ugh!

The other day I went to the mall to buy some more of my favorite perfume. I walk in the store and I'm looking at the shelves of fragrance, but I can't find it anywhere. I ask the clerk if they have any and she tells me that the fragrance I'm looking for has been discontinued. 


It's probably my least favorite word. This is not the first time this has happened to me. The last perfume I used before this was also discontinued. It's so frustrating. I'm pretty particular about my fragrances so it's hard for me to find one I like. I still have a little of my perfume left, but it won't last long. Right now I'm wearing a different perfume I bought a while back that I like, but I wasn't sure about. I'm afraid to even see if they still sell this one because I'm afraid that it might be discontinued as well. I sometimes feel that if I use a fragrance I curse it and cause it to be discontinued. Sigh. So for now I'm okay, but I have a feeling that the hunt for another perfume is on the horizon. I can only pray that my nose lives through it. 

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1 Response Oct 24, 2009

Sometimes you can find them on-line. Try Amazon or E-bay. You'll probably get a better price on them too.<br />
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BDWDW- If you like the incense smell you can find pure essential oils at a lot of new age shops. They have some nice ones like jasmine, lavender, rain, and the old world frankincense. A little bit of that stuff goes a long way. I've even heard of people diluting them in a diffuser and using like a perfume.