I was so glad to come across this group, cause it really gets to me! I've really liked and bought so many white tops/singlets, only to bring them home to find that they are practically completely see through. Even with a white bra underneath :( It's the most frustrating thing ever. Why can't they make them properly -_-

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Find a bra that provides enough coverage (or non-coverage) that you are comfortable with, and consider it as part of the outfit. Maybe a halter top or crop-top would work. Find something like that you'd be willing to wear without anything else, and wear the shirt on top of it. Or better still, find something like that you'd ALMOST but not quite be willing to without anything else, and where THAT under it.

Be daring, and enjoy it!

Yeah.. but most of us don't WANT to be 'alluring'.. I wish I could wear white tank tops that weren't see through.. it's so annoying:/ why do they have to make them in such cheap flimsy material these days?:/

I have always enjoyed seeind colored bras and panties under a ladys white top or pants. Yes white clothing does have some 'show'. when done nicely it is very alluring !!

That's what I'm talking about.

This phenomena doesn't only happen with white. Seems light colors do this too. A beige bra helps yet isn't as good as a tank top. Unfortunately, it also makes it hotter in the warmer months.

This is kind of interesting - I thought every women checked out the opacity/transparency of every garment they thought might be critical in that property before even getting it to the checker. Don't you just put your open had underneath the cloth, and hold it up to a bright light - both with the light behind, showing through, and in front, reflecting - to see it's state of transparency?

Wearing a nude colored bra under white shirt works better. Also what is the brand of bra that has the little flower or butterfly to cover up the nips. Send same to me if anyone knows. Have tried to find at my store, but no luck and no clerks to be found to help me.

It sucks too when you have spent decent hard earned dollars on it too - only to find that the material is thin and see-through. <br />
Sometimes a singlet under a t-shirt can save the day and make it wearable - but still, such a pain and a disapointment!

i dont like to be wearing see thru!