I Hate It When I'm Ignored

A relative in Europe has been dropping hints about when I might be coming for a visit. So around Christmas time in my card I said it looked very good for this summer. I gave him possible dates and told him I'd stay in a hotel and pay my own expenses, etc. All I wanted was to meet and greet any relatives over there who might want to see me while I was in town.

It's February now and I haven't heard a peep from him. Nada. Not even an e-mail to say he got my card. I feel ignored. I always put a return address on the envelope so I'm certain he got it. I hate to bug him by e-mailing him to ask what's up. So I'm left dangling wondering if he really does want me to visit. What would you do? Suggestions welcome.

lagalaga lagalaga
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I agree; it's bad manners in the least, and rude at best. Does he know you well enough or do you think he might be just being polite? If you really intended on going, then I say go, but do NOT visit this particular person. They have done/said nothing to answer, or to make you feel that you would be welcome. Why set yourself up? You shouldn't have to guess. If you are in town, and get an invitation from him because he heard you were there visiting other relatives, then take the invite politely, don't mention anything and be a good sport. He knows, trust me. And if you still don't get any invite while there, then your instincts were right. He was only being polite, not sincere.