Why the Hell Do They Do It?

I can't understand the senseless killing of whales. the industry is going broke, the demand is minimal, the work itself pulls people away from their land lives and families. and for what?? to pull these peaceful creatures out of the sea? to violently end the lives of these animals for NOTHING?

it ****** me off.

I'd like to harpoon the people who want to keep whaling, I'd harpoon their families first and make them watch, just like they do to whales.


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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I'm sure I've read somewhere that the japanese gov has had to pump heaps of money into promoting whale meat because the population has gone off it...<br />
So that's not really something you can argue I don't think.<br />
Anyway, the japanese aren't the only ones... there are northern european countries that seem to want to fall back on whaling because it provides money in times of domestic economic crisis.

In Japan, steak is very expensive......15 years ago it was over $30 lb.......they use whale meat as steak, and also put it in sushi........with 250,000,000 people there is a big demand in their domestic market.<br />
<br />
I don't agree with it but it won't stop soon unless governments prosecuite these fishermen