I Am The Victim Of Jealousy

The first thing people notice about me is that I appear like a very nice person and really smart. However, I have been the victim of jealousy so often I feel crippled from it. I have been ousted by the alpha girl in social situations or by an ambitions manager in a company. I've often wondered when this would all stop and how I can deal with it. When will I ever belong? It hasn't worked to down play myself too much either. Some how a jealous person really knows how to turn my self confessed weakness against me.

I cant say I really hate the emotion "jealousy". After all it's a normal emotion and we all have it at one point or another. I suppose the worst thing a person could do is to act out unfairly against another person who did nothing wrong.. .. 

Recently I found a new job where the manager who hired me was a smart, pretty young woman.  I had no reason to think she of all people would get jealous of me.  Although I am more experienced than her, she was smart in her own way.  Plus the reason why she even brought me on was because I was skilled.

What is the right solution for this lonely situation I am in?
BlueFairy00 BlueFairy00
1 Response May 14, 2012

You are smart and well educated and don't let her walk over you, as you worked hard to be where you are and deserve to shine.