My Boyfriend Can Sometimes Be Very Jealous

So my cousin that last year some things happened with (see my other stories) is coming for a visit and since last year we did kiss and i did very much like him my boyfriend is not very happy he will be staying in my house for 2 weeks. He says "oh yea i trust you i just don't trust him i'm a guy i know how they are," but i can't get him to understand that my parents know about last year and will be keeping a very close eye on us and he has a girlfriend and most importantly i would never do that to him i love him too much and it takes 2 for something like that to happen. by the way i definitely understand why he would be jealous it just kinda sucks because i don't want him to have to feel that way.
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Ah, still thinking about pursuing your cousin?

We hooked up this summer and now he pretty much hates me because of it. He doesnt believe in sex before marriage or long distance and he's kinda turned into a jerk anyways So nope not chance that'll ever happen again

I'm sorry.i know it sucks.

haha i broke up with him a few months back so its all better now :)