Although Sometimes It's Healthy..

I genuinely do believe that jealousy is healthy in small doses. In the past i have had ex's who where midly jealous of certain male friends i had WAY before i met them. But because it was mild it was just kind of cute. It shows you that your partner really does care about you. But in crazy doses... it just gets stupid and i have had this in 1/3 of my relationships. It's extrememly posessive and just plain scary. This is when it turns into a MAJOR insult. I am an honest and loyal girl and have never gave any of my ex's a reason to think i would stray, but like i said, in 1/3 of my relationships, i have had the extremely controlling, over protective and obesessive jealousy and this makes me believe that my partner THINKS that i am one of those people who go around sleeping with whoever while i am with them. This is ludicrous! Anyone who thinks that i am like that, really doesn't know who i am. These people are not worth your time or feelings. Because i believe once the jealousy has started, it will never stop. To them it's a ticking time bomb fuelled by paranoia. I will never go back to a jealousy packed relationship. I really do hate them with a passion.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2010