Jeans Never Fit Well.. Always Dry Out My Skin..

I have always hated jeans, partly because of the lack of a good fit (they just never look right on me or package me correctly & I'm 5'6", slender, slim-hipped, strong thigh muscles, & have a butt),

partly because of what they do to the skin on my legs (dry them out, sometimes really itchy),

and partly because of the pressure I've felt to wear them (from friends wearing the latest pair or how everyone just says "thrown on a pair of jeans" like it's brushing your teeth or something...) lol

Anyway, they peeve me! If I never wear another pair of jeans in my life, I'll be perfectly fine! I prefer khakis or cotton pants and long skirts.

littlemamaloves littlemamaloves
Mar 20, 2009