Jelousy At Work

I was good friends with a female lead at work but we was just friends I have no intress in more I like or you might say love another and always had and she knew it. on my job I'm bussy all of the time but  come back 5 minutes early for  can talk to the one I care for. And I help her to pick up 100 pounds barrels. and when the lead see's it she cussed me out so a month ago I tuned her in to the office but since the supprvissor have a crush on the one I like I got in trouble for talking to the girls. but I work not stop 10 hours a day. when some one see us talking or smiling at each other they will yell at me. if I talk to a girl a guy will tell me go away they even told the women I was gay. some time I want to quit.

dino1968 dino1968
Feb 21, 2009