Hell Hath No Fury Like A Rigged Talk Show!

Hell hath no fury like a rigged talk show!
Steve met polly in 2002 when i introduced them. I knew her from the Country Club of VA. They soon fell in love. Polly was 19. Steve was 32. They then planned to have a baby. Polly got pregnant. After some arguments, Polly moved to South Carolina and stopped communicating with him except a few conversations where Steve said he wanted to raise the child as opposed to her putting the child up for adoption. then he learned from her friends that she had moved to Michigan. After ten years of agonizing over where his child was and how he was doing he figured he'd call the Jeremy Kyle Show.(BIG MISTAKE!)
Here's where the hell starts. We were asked to come to New York to be on the show with one day's notice! We were first told from one producer (Demetrius Moore) to be ready to catch the cab to the airport at 8:00 A.M. Wednesday morning. Then we were called later to be ready at 1:00 P.M. instead. The cab driver told us they were never notified of this itinerary change, had to show up twice and still hadn't been paid. He said this was par for the course for The Jeremy Kyle Show. "Other shows-no problems". By the way, this was our second itinerary change with the airport times in a matter of 24 hrs.
All was well until we were picked by a driver at La Guardia and ended up at the studio where we waited in the car for at least a half hour until someone came out to greet us. I wanted to see the studio where we would be the next day. Not happening. Two producers made us fill out disclaimers and paperwork in the car! We were promised by Demetrius Moore that we would receive $50.00 a day for the two days we were in New York for food and such. We signed for the money and then whisked off to the hotel. I made sure to ask Demetrius that our ride home from the Richmond airport was certain and was assured it was. (Early on I had a bad gut feeling about this for some reason).
Steve and I had a nice, reasonably priced dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel.
We got a call from Demetrius (now our trusted producer) to be ready at 3:00 P.M. the next day (thursday). Steve and I decided to enjoy ourselves with other foreign guests at the hotel and share some wine since we had a little time.
Demetrius called us the next morning at 7:00 A.M. and told us plans had changed and to be ready for the car at 8:00A.M. A bit angry , we got ourselves up and ready by 8:00. We got to the studio, had our cell phones taken away and were sent to wardrobe. I was watched dressing by the wardrobe guy (gay, but still)and when they were happy with what they put me in I was sent to Green Room 4 which was basically the size of a closet and a half. I was left ther for 4 and a half hrs. by myself. The room had two chairs and a paper plate with 3 mini bagels and a few pieces of fruit. Throughout the day I kept asking Demetrius"Are sou sure we have transportation back home from RIC airport?" I still had a bad gut feeling and he just kept reassuring me. After all the hours in the little room and two hair and make-up sessions I was never allowed to go on the show and support my friend!What?!
Steve's side: It was hell for me to see Polly after ten years, knowing I had a child with her and didn't know where he was. I had a feeling I was being set up by the way the producers(Nicole, Demetrius, Dee Dee, etc)because they interrogated me about some love Imight still have about Polly. I did not and do not and just said"I'm just looking for my child and wanted to know why she wouldn't have let me be a single parent like I had asked. So after a 2 hr. "lock down" because of an arrest of a guest who punched another woman I finally got on stage an hour after still. I told Jeremy Kyle that I wanted to confront Polly about putting our child up for adoption. When Polly came out irate and screaming (after being coached, I found out) I got up and yelled at her back. Polly's boyfriend who knew nothing about the whole situation came out with his finger pointing at me (more coaching) then just sat down when he knew I was serious. I waited for Heather to come to my support. But as she was waiting on the famous blue cushions, she was told she wasn't coming on because of lack of time. I felt ambushed but I fought threw it and they didn't break me. Jeremy Kyle didn't hardly get a word in with our fighting and there was no resolution.
Show Over.
The only good thing that came out of this experience is that polly had brought a picture of my son (I had found out it was a closed adoption) and a hospital bracelet that "Dr." Janet handed me. Then she said don't try to contact Polly. I assured her I had nooo intent to. Then she had the nerve to say "and dont try to contact your son when he's 18!" What?! Who the **** are you??Totally unproffesional and not her place!
We were then escorted out of the studio, Demetrius promising a man would be at baggage claim in Richmond waiting to take us back home. after some flight delays we called to let demetrius know so he could make arrangements. He transferred us to a woman named Noe who said "We never promised you transportation".
We were stranded. And by the way, we never got our second $50.00 so we were hungry too.

P.S. I later found out that the show had called my mother and asked how our relationship was! My mother was only my emergency contact! They had no business calling her and that's exactly what she said.

P.P.S.We got a call about three weeks later from a woman at the show wondering what Steve's issues were. She had no idea he had ever been on the show!

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