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I went out with my relatives for dinner. It was awkward because I weren't so close to them and I was alone with all the memebers of their family. We went to a BBQ place. So, my aunt decided that there is a specific way for eating bbq meat. Apparently, you don't just dip them in some sauce and put it in your mouth, instead you have to wrap the meat with sauce and wrap it with lettuce. So since she insisted I tried, but it was so difficult trying to force that large piece of lettuce+meat in your mouth, I just look like a fat pig gobbling up food. So I felt that it's not convenient eating that way so I just ate the meat. And guess what,my aunt made an announcement saying that," You don't like eating vegetables do you?,"in that cynical tone. Swear to God I feel like shouting," It's difficult to eat it that way ok? Stupid! " But of course out of courtesy I said nothing. And thinking that I am too lazy to wrap, she did it for me and place it on my plate and force me to stuff it itno my mouth. wth?

Then, there's also once, I went to eat with some far relatives with my dad. And we sat in a round table. So the whole time while we were having dinner, I just ate the dish which is the closest and nearest to me, in an attept to be polite. It turned out to be beancurd. I love meat and vegetables and fish. I just love everything that taste good. But it isn't very polite to reach your hand way across the table, half of your body leaned forward just to get a piece of chicken, right? So I just ate the beancurd. Then, I noticed those people eyeing me judgementally. And they make fun of me saying that I only loved beancurd and I don't like meat. wthwth? You judge me based on that? So shallow!
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I wouldn't worry about it. They must be so miserable in their small lives if they are giving you a hard time for eating a different way. Even if you really only liked bean curd, what matter is it to them? They seem weird. <br />
If you have to eat with them again, just politely ask someone to pass whatever is the desired dish. If someone tells you how to eat, kill them with kindness and say something like, "I appreciate that you care so much about what and how I am eating, but I prefer to eat the way I like, just as you like to eat the way you do," and give them a huge smile.

Honey, don't care about it.. I was like you too .. still am sometimes..I watched Oprah and she said just tell yourself I don't care if she / he / they think this way. If I don't hurt them then I am ok. Something like that..