All The Same

I don't hate anyone, not even judgemental people. For if I did I would hate everyone - do we all not judge?
We all have more in common then we give each other credit for. There is something to love in everyone we meet - it may be as simple as the way their eyes twinkle or their crooked smile.

The one thing all of us have in common is that one day we all die. To paraphrase one of my favorite authors, E. Tolle:
"The next time you think you have nothing in common with someone, just remember that in seven or seventy years both of you will become rotting corpses, then dust then nothing at all. In that way you have everything in common with everyone else. We all face the same ultimate outcome. "
I post this because it strips away status and any form of superiority or inferiority towards another. How much money or possessions you have doesn't matter in the end - we all die. We cannot take any of the superficial crap with us!
******** of possssion are we not all the same?
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true, things you own end up owning you, these are the ones who are successful because they do as the system told them.....i wanna live as a want, don't want to follow like a sheep and do stuff i don't even really like.... brainwashed clones hooked on their televisions watching football, without knowing what is really going on around them, all they know is what their masters told them

thanks for your comment,
I watched an experiment on subliminal messaging, it was amazing just how easy it was too make "good citizens" rob an armoured car

...I think thinking we are more special than other is a way to self preserve, in a physical way, that you point out in this store is that in the end we are all the same. Not only in death but we carry the same organs, same needs, same color of blood.
As a quote said: In the end we have all red blood...
I think whats is fascinating is that although we have the same structure of a brain people can be so individual.
And don't be shy about being morbid, understanding your mortality is a gift, it's a way to view life as unique as it is... That you now, that life hangs in a delicate balance, being morbid is just another way of caring for the life you have been given.../Moi

Thanks HTH83, it is only the ego in us that wants to feel special and be remembered as important. I like to think that everyone on earth is my brother and sister as we are all as important as each other, we are all warm bodied beautiful beings.

Your welcome... Yes, in my eyes, the earth and everything about it is special...It shouldn't be taken for granted... Read "Galaxy Song, by Monthy Python..You'll get the idea that grasped me... Thanks again for sharing your thought it is what always catch my interests...

just googled it and laughed at the last line! The song definitely appeals to my inner nerd! ~big fan of science here~


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well I hope when I leave this earth, there is a little more than just my rotting corpse left behind. . Maybe someone somewhere will recall a kind deed, or a treasured moment, that made their day a little better, that was brought about by me.

I see what you mean and know that my story is somewhat morbid! but does it matter if you are remembered or not? The people who know you have the same fate as you and I in the end. Enjoy now :)

Yes it matters, because it keeps us accountable..It is too easy to hurt whomever, do whatever to anyone, everyone, when we think, what does it matter?, no one will remember anyway. Every heart counts, every tear is tracked, and so it matters.

Millions of people die every year and for hundreds - thousands of years this has occurred and it matters not right now

Oh but it does. We find treasured documents containing wisdom, created by ancient people from an earlier time. We find artifacts, lovingly created, and bearing information. We find little treasures that we cherish.We find information, that all of a sudden effects us today,insight the we recover and makes us aware.
For someone not wanting to be judgemental, you judge to quickly, in assuming the dead have no merit. Even the bodies can provide valuable dna information, and a genetic history. The bodies recovered from the black plague are still sharing information, because of todays new technology.

Should I stop trying to share because you have judged me as judgemental lol!
you are right - there are a few that do get remembered in the history of mankind and have to say I am thankful for what they have shared however my original story is about what brings us together as humans. I am sure you and I could find common ground if we tried hard enough :)

yes. i am sure as two intellingent people we would find common ground.

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