Taste Like Junk, Looks Like Junk, Smells Like Junk- Its Junk!

I hate junkfood! Why people love eating it so much I just dont get. Its greasy, oily, fatty, smelly, salty- and it makes me feel dirty for eating it. Especially, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and such. Everything thats too oily and greasy. And who knows where that food actually comes from. I mean, It doesnt look like real food is supposed to look like. After its been overly prossesed and everything. And so few people know the actual prossesses junkfood has been through. Its just disgusting.

I prefer fresh food, I know where have been- anyday!
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I love all those things about junk food

Totally agree

Great mentality towards junk food!

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I prefer healthy foods like fresh organic fruits and vegetables--nuts, whole grains--foods like that. I love fats and oils, but I try to not have too much of them. Last night I had pizza. Afterwards, I wished I hadn't, but it did taste good...Anyway, fresh foods are much better for your health. blessings, ZARA

You're lucky you don't have the cravings for salt and fatty stuff like I do. I know cheeseburgers are nasty, but I get the taste for them about once a month. I wish I could crave fresh stuff.

smelly breath silly:p<br />
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aw thats sounds nice though^^

mhm- oh so icky! (about the chicken)<br />
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Fish and chips... hmm doesnt that leave an interestng smell?:p lol.

Everything in moderation is important. I do treat myself to good things every now and then (only on saturdays though- I have a thing that if Im eating something unhealthy, unless its on someones birthday or something like that- it can only be on a saturday lol:p something that stuck with me from childhood when i only got candy on saturdays:p)<br />
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The thing is I just dont get any pleasure from Junkfood. I actually get pretty uncomfortable by the idea of eating something and not knowing where its been. And the way the animals in most of the junkfood is treated is disgusting. Their basicly products not animals. Did you know, by example, that an averages cows life should be about 13 years- while the cows used in junkfood prudoction as an average life span on 3 years- and being fed corn in stead of grass to make them fatter faster. Its inhumane. I just cant get myself to support things like that. I think most consumers are blind to where the products they buy actually comes from. <br />
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What does 90/10 mean?<br />
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And so good for you Rick for changing your life. I think thats awesome- and Im cheering for you all the way^^

Oh that's it. We can't be friends anymore. lol. jk. <br />
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I know what you mean though. I think there is a distinction between fast food and home cooked food. Hamburger is Hamburger and you can buy it pretty darn lean. I usually get 90/10. Pizza...well, pizza is my guilty pleasure. Some people like ice cream or chocolate or chocolate ice cream but mine is pizza. It's my drug of choice lol. <br />
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I think mostly though, it's about moderation when eating. Sure, there are BAD foods out there but even eating a ton of healthy food is not healthy. Too often, especially in America, we eat and drink and don't think about what we are putting into our bodies. Fortunately, I've started to change my ways and eat much healthier foods and watch how much I eat as well =D

Same here. :)