They Are Bad

We have been using space heaters here, but now the temperature is going to be well below freezing and probably will snow tonight.  My uncle said he was going to get two more space heaters, because they've only got two that work right now and there are four rooms that need to be warmed. 

Well, my cousin brought home a kerosene heater from work.  My aunt told him they didn't want one in this house for many different reasons.  But he holds it over their heads that his baby lives here and needs to be warm.  Since my uncle can't buy the new heaters until tomorrow, they let my cousin set up the kerosene heater he brought. 

It started getting extremely hot.  Having a kerosene heater and three small children running around is a bad combination immediately.  They have no carbon monoxide detector, and I know from experience, that a kerosene heater can set off a carbon monoxide detector which is not good at all.  When my eyes started burning really bad, I told my cousin and he said his were burning too.  He turned off the heater. 

It doesn't have a nasty smell like the old ones do, until you turn it off.  It was all fine and good until my cousin switched it off.  There was a wave of gas that swept through the room.  Now I've got a headache.  I know they're going to cut it on later and I hope I don't die or something.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Jan 7, 2010