You.. You cruesome people. Why you hate ketchup? Ketchup is greatness. Ketchup is power. What did Leonardo da Vinci screamed when they accused him being gay? EAT REMOULADE! What did Cassandra screamed when she predicted the Trojan war? LET THEM GET KETCHUP AND THEY'LL LEAVE US ALONE! What did the romes say when they couldn't take over the germans? THROW KETCHUP AT THEM AND THE STRENGH AND GREATNESS OF THE KETCHUP WILL OVERWHELM THEM!

So you see guys, ketchup is bueno. Ketchup deserves a change in this cruesome cruesome world. Everyone who doesn't like ketchup is just haters. And we no like them haters. pece.
ketchuplover24 ketchuplover24
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

also, please no hate. Ketchup is great and if you leik ketchup then i love you.