Would Rather Abort

One thing I defenetly know myself is that I do not want to be a mother...

I hate children, all about them, and being stuck to take care of one would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me..

One thing that is good about my current relashionship is that he thinks the exact same way so we are pretty much in the same way about the future. 

I don´t need to have his child to love him more .. him or wherever man that may come , nothing is forever but a child is.

And honestly it would be such a coincidence that it would happen as you see, I always wear a condom , I take the birth control pill and I have a problem in my ovaries that makes the probability of getting pregnant is about 17%..

I would probably start laughing if a doctor would approach me and said " congratullations youre pregnant" ...

The condom would have to break the birth control would have to have it´s effect cutted of by some other med and the ovaries would have to work at that same time it would be such a coincidence and I am so carefull about it...


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I recently had to cut off my friends, whom I've known for half of my life, because they became obsessed with their kids. I hated having to do that, but I didn't see any other choice. Since their kids were born, they became the only thing that my friends wanted to talk about. I was completely willing to listen to stories about the kids, as I understood that they were important to my buddies. After about a year of listening, I got completely fed up.

My former friends daughter is cute as hell, no question, but she is a one year old and not that damn interesting. I agreed to hold her the last time we met, but when I tried to steer the conversation to what everyone had been doing since we last met, they just said "Nothing" and clearly expected me to talk about the kid. I handed the girl back to her father and hardly said anything for the rest of our time together. Not that it mattered, as another parent brought their kids over and again, the kids were all that was talked about.

I never "hated" kids, I just wasn't interested in them. I think I just hate parents that have their whole lives revolve around their brood and expect other people to feel the same way. I havent spoken to most of my old friends in months and I deleted them from my Facebook page. I'm sure they see me as evil incarnate but I'm sorry, if the kids are all that they will ever talk about from now on, COUNT ME OUT.

Nothing is wrong with people not liking children. I think it's funny how some people think that having children is something you have to do to have a good life. I am a bit divided on the children topic myself. They can be cute, sure. But they take a massive toll on a good friendship and that is what I don't like about them. So you people who get offended about other people not liking children, I believe you are parents yourselves, and just because you have gotten yourself into parenthood, dosn't mean other people should do the same.

I liked your story. The thing is, women should have a CHOICE. And furthermore, no Woman (or man) should be made to feel uncomfortable for their choice to not have any children. The only social shaming, should be done to parents who do not take care of, or neglect their children, which is a common occurrence.
Abortion, sterilization and birth control are all very good and necessary things, and to not have children is an excellent choice, if that is what YOU truly want. I find it offensive that others pressure people (especially women ) to have children. Why is it any of their business? Why do they feel entitled to impose on on other's free will ?
This is the most offensive thing I can think of, and many people agree with me.

Good for you they are all a bunch of brats and punks .

oh yh and im a kid im 13 and im soo upset about wot you all r saying i just wanna report abuse :( f off

If you hate them keep it to ur self u dont have to put it on sum website that any kid can get on . gosh ppl these days

yh but you were a child once aswell so yh i dont understand y u hate them sooooo much !!!!!!!!!!

I sooooo wish I had a kid like you, who couldn't pass a grammar test if his stupid little life depended on it. Boy, am I missing out!

LOL..."hideous parasite"....This is EXACTLY what kids are....they are ugly parasites while inside and they continue to be parasites once they get outside....in the best case scenario at least for the next 16 years anyway....

Yup, I felt totally invaded when my preg test came out positive. I don't want anything growing inside me and I hate kids. They're absolutely helpless and I can care less about teaching them the things of this world. I'd rather enjoy my own life, maybe help some poor people, but that's about it.
I called immediately to schedule an abortion and had it within a week. It was just yesterday so I'm not 100% sure it worked. Going for an ultrasound to confirm next week and then I can finally be at peace.
So glad there are SO many like-minded women out there. I thought I was the only one or one of a few. Just coz our biology wants us to get pregnant does not mean our brains do!

If I ever fell pregnant I would abort faster than you can bl<x>ink. I will gladly remove the invader, no guilt, no shame. I'm not about to wreck my body for a snot-nosed brat. I would rather throw myself off a tall building. If abortion became illegal I would induce a miscarriage. Being infertile would be a blessing.

You people should ashame of yourselves how would you feel your parents felt that way about you? . If you don't wanna have kids fine pregnancy is a beautiful thing and a child is a gift from god they're not ugly or parasites are you forgetting you was a child yourself , are you forgetting you was inside your mother womb for nine months I guess that makes you a parasite as well . The way you people are you don't need to reproduce .

Pregnancy is a horrific thing. There is no god. Feti ARE parasites. It's too bad your parents reproduced, I hope you never do.

So what if my parents aborted me? It's not like fetuses know they exist. What difference does it make? I've never understood this stupid argument.

Pregnancy is not beautiful. It's disgusting and painful, and pregnant women will gladly tell you so if they're even halfway honest. Look around online.

Wow, you're an idiot. I'd have to rewind to 5th grad biology to un-brainwash you.

Way to go, Julie!

How would I know about any argument about anything if my parents decided not to reproduce? You have to be born and functioning to have any concept of humanity.

The "what if your parents didn't have you" comeback is the stupidest one on record.

Children are not "A gift from God". Please make a note of that. Fictitious beings do not give "gifts".
Many children were/are unwanted, so you have no way of knowing how anyone's parents "felt" about the matter. And a fetus is something of a parasite, if a woman does not desire the pregnancy. It is a matter of her choice. Some people want children, and some do not.
Why come here and insult those of us who do not want children? Why not go to an "I want children board" ? Pregnancy is a big sacrifice a woman makes to have a child. You should acknowledge that difficult undertaking.
And Shame on you, for your unkind judgements of other's personal choices.

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i hate kids sticky dam unts they make me sick i hate changing diapers my sister called me selfish what ever it is what it is call me what you want i hate kids they are a lot of work when they become teenagers they talk back to you and that is why parents age becayse of the stess you become woren out i can not stand the drooling and the screaming needless to say been fat and getting streach marks nasty why should i be fat like a baloon to make others happy when i say that i do not want kids people look at me funny it is not all about kids you can be happy with out them i see people with kids and all they do is arrigue life goes on just because you do not want kids does not make you a bad person i can not stand kids i hate them

i hate kids and i do not want to have any more i made the biggest mistake by getting prago oops was not expected what the hell was i thinking i had so many peple saying congrats i was like what ever i can not even stand changind diapers nor the crying and the whole birthig process nasty that is all i can say i should have had an abortion but what happened i can not change but all i know is i will not let my self have any more i try to be the best mother but it is hard i get told that im selfish what ever if i hate kids it is what it is sticky little *****

THIS IS THE BEST THERAPY! I can't stand the little ankle biters. Nothing but problems and hassles. Cant go out without finding a sitter. Can't make yourself something to eat without them whining that they want something too. I dated a girl with a 10 year old son. He was fat, lazy, buried his head in the computer all day, wanted game cards all the time. Momma didn't want to work so grandma and grandpa support the little ungrateful smart *** bastard. If you ask me someone ought to **** on him then shove a broom up his ***. Which actually happened last summer. He decided he was too busy to wipe his *** so he was soiling his undies. I made her take him to the doctor for a rectal exam! Skid marks stopped real quick after that! The father is just a senseless, womanizing ***** who has herpes now. Suits him. Anyway he just ruined the whole relationship and yes it did fail because he was THERE. I am not ashamed anymore to admit the truth. Screw it! He sucked! It's a breath of fresh air being the hell away from him!

well um..wasn't he there first? you guys sound more like children than the spoiled brats I sometimes babysit. kids dont asked to be born. and they dont asked to be raised in dysfunctional households (which that one sounds like). you can't hold them to adult standards, their brains aren't fully developed. you also can't help if you like being around them or not...so just avoid them! it was YOUR fault for entering the relationship. what would you have liked this woman to do? choose you over her son?

I respect your views and if that is truly how you feel please make sure not to have kids. My mom stabbed me when I was young, thus altering the entire way I view the world and trust women... I have a 5 year old son and am now fighting for full custody because his mother is basically ****** too(or atleast a broke ***** on drugs). Sorry for the way I sound but honestly, your body is yours so keep it that way. IF you were to have kids at some point it is probable you would never love them nor protect anyway. So thank you for saying you hate kids rather than trying to murder one

wow I thought I was the only one .I can't stand to be around them I never liked them I hate them ther ugly and stank I hate when people say that eventually I will have one.I never liked them sinse I was little and pray that I never have to be around them.I thought I was the only one I am pretty and have a nice body and don't want to ruin my looks.

I had to read this story just for the title. I think it's great!! I've never wanted kids and have had 4 abortions in my lifetime, and I would do it again in an instant if I had to. Now that I've had the Essure procedure done, I never have to worry about that $h!+ ever again!

Me too!My boyfriend wants 3 of them!I don't want any.I think having kids is ugly.Kids are ugly,pregnancy is ugly,giving birth is ugly.I have my dog and I dont need any hideous parasite who lives in me for 9 months and after that "milks" my wallet empty.It's like having a hook-worm in you.Just ugly.And I wont have kids just because my boyfriend wants to.Thats my body and I decide what I want to do with myself.And I love my sexy body,I have nice briest,nice bottom and nice stomach a kid would ruin my beauthy.So if he wants a kid he can adopt one and chain it somewhere outside so I don't see and hear it or he can go and look for some stupid woman who wants to ruin her body and life by having kids.

Time to break up with the boyfriend, because the odds are that he's not going to change and neither are you. Seriously, I don't see how you can carry on a relationship when he wants three children and you feel about them the way that you do.

For once, I have to agree.

I´m honest from the start, when he talks about kids or the subject cames up I just say, I don´t like them, or I don´t have pacienc for that. When things start to get more sirious, I have had boyfriends whom say to me, how lovely it would be just us and our kids, and I make it black in white that I don´t want kids. some have left because of it, but I´m not having a child just because, or I fell I want to or no deal.

To 6thsensoryorgan: YES YES YES there are women out there who hate kids too. The last thing you want to do is give in and make a kid just so people won't think you're selfish, or b/c if you don't give in she'll leave you for someone else. No one is worth that!

What do you do when you can't keep a relationship going because you hate kids? Do you just not tell them until they start talking about a commitment, or can you just ease them into it? I'm a man so I think my situation could be even harder than women who hates kids. Are there even any women out there who hate too?

I'm one of them. But I am taken by a guy who seems iffy, which is code for wants. So I'll keep you in mind when/if it doesn't work out. ;p

There are tons of childfree women. I am one. I always get it out of the way early in a relationship. I'm not going to waste my time on someone who wants kids.

The TRUE test of those who say they dont like kids and will NEVER have any is if they get pregnant! I had two abortions, then eventually had a tubal. So been there done that,walked the walk so I can talk the talk heheheh! What I find most shocking is when some ask me if I have/want kids and I say no and tell them I had a tubal, that they STILL persist in saying it could be reversed or act even more shocked that had one! It's the 21st century folks! We dont "have" to have kids anymore! It's now a "choice" ;)

Yup, I agree. Despite being perfect about contraception, I still wound up needing to get an abortion. **** happens. Honestly, it was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. And I, too, got a tubal done a few months ago. I would have gotten it the day I turned 18, but for some reason most doctors feel like they have the right to tell me what I do and don't want, so it took a few years to find one who would do it. If people want fewer abortions, tell doctors to stop turning away women for tubals!

Hey! Me too! <br />
<br />
I'm already very wary of having a relationship with the wrong man, and I'm afraid that my chances of having a bad relationship are probably going to be very high, knowing my luck.<br />
<br />
I remember my stepmother commenting about her second ex-husband: "Why would I need to keep track of him? We never had kids, and I'm glad that we didn't."<br />
<br />
I may not like my stepmother, but she was right in that regard. All I can do is be relieved that Mom and Dad will no longer have to deal with one another now that my youngest sister will be turning eighteen, therefore no further reasoning for the two to even see each other.<br />
<br />
And in that case... I'm glad that my two parakeets will always be mine, and that I can move on.

"Nothing is forever and a child is" is the exact reason I don't want any kids. That statement cannot be more true. At least if you are in a ****** up relationship, you can always leave without baggage going with you. It's just you (in my case me and my German Shepherd, LOL) so you can start fresh with someone else later down the road with no problems. If you have kid(s), when the relationship dissolves, you still have ties with them and have to keep dealing with them for the kids. What a nice life it is to bicker back and forth with your ex about your kid. Besides, most men don't want women that have kids, so you are taking away a lot of your options in the dating world if you have kids. You a very smart woman for not wanting kids. A million Kudos to you!!! :)