I Dont Hate Kids.. I Just Dont Want Any!

I wouldnt say that i hate kids, becase thats not entirely true. some of them are really nice and a pleasure to have around, others are annoying,loud ,rude, disrespectful and so on. i had good expreriences and bad experiences with kids and i did learn from them.

i knew from a very young age( around 11 years old) that i didnt want children, because i dont have the patience to take care of a child. ive done it before and its not for me at all.
i also watched my best friend ruin her life with having kids. she was 19 with no high school diploma and shes on wellfare, and she'll probably be on wellfare for the rest of her life. if she had gotten on abortion like me and other friends sugested, her life and future wouldnt have been damaged beyong repair.

thats when i realised something: learn from other peoples mistakes.

having children was a mistake on her part,and im sure shes not the only one. im saying this because i believe that she deserves better than this. but apparently, she doesent see it that way...

my goal in life is to travel and see the world, and you cant do/afford that when you have a child. i would never trade great trips and vacations fro a bag of diapers and baby wipes!  thats just not gonna happen!

so having kids is out of the question for me. i wasnt put on this earth to change diapers, hear cries and wipe *****!

darkraya darkraya
22-25, F
Aug 5, 2010