Kids Make Me Feel Creepy Inside

My hatred for kids has been around for awhile and It's not going away anytime soon. Alot of people can say I'm too young (21) to make that decision and it bothers the hell out of me. I may still be reckless and wild, but atleast I'm responsible enough to admit so. I feel not liking kids is a blessing that defers me fromĀ  being stuck with a happiness-sucking, filthy,selfish parasite at an early age. So too all the people who tell me its just a phase, who cares, I'm glad I'm going through it. I know and follow what I feel. I have no maternal instinct and never will. All I can do is follow the instinct to want to care for myself and happiness as well as the people I CHOOSE to include in my life.
People are so quick to assume I'll get over this when they consider my age. This lack of desire for a nasty little, booger wiping moron has always been with me even when I was one. The hatred has only recently developed since around the age of 18. When i was a child it was more being interested in Barbies, playing doctor, and other adult activities, versus baby dolls and other little girls. When I told my mother in my teens I didn't want kids, she always thought it was interesting that I never liked baby dolls or "playing mom". That lack of interest turned to just not wanting kids, then the more exposure I got from crying kids and unhappy parents at shopping malls just turned it into pure hate.
The hate is not just towards kids. It the stupidity they bring whenever their around. I hate the concept that "kids are precious", "children are the future", "no child left behind". Sure they are humans and deserve to be taken care of but thats it. What ever happened to equality? Everybody wants to be equal, so why do they get all the special treatment. All these useless toys, special foods, clothes catered to what THEY want. That's inequality if you ask me, favortism, and a handicap. If children are the future were just asking for them to be useless, attention-seeking dumb***es.
It also bothers me the family ideal from 200 years ago is still in effect. Who really wants to go to college, then get married, then have kids because mother-in-law wants it? We all have choices and choosing to make lives because of other people is f****ing retarded. I feel so bad when I'm in public and I see a 30ish married couple that you can tell was happy at one time, but they have a premature wrinkles and eyebags and no coincidence a red-faced, snotty-nosed, crying four year old. You can almost read in their eyes the look of despair and regret. I know that sounds bad to say people regret their kids but I bet they do, and I'm not the bad person, they are for procreating because of peer pressure and lack of backbone. Not my fault you gave in and you hate your life. So don't you dare say anything if I tell you to shut your kid up next time I shell out half my paycheck for a nice meal that I bought.
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I'm with ya. I'm soooo sick and tired of having to think about the whole kid thing cuz every time I find a chick that I like. They're like perfect, but then they start talking about babies. What's the **** is wrong with these *******? Don't they know that their life will suck after the kid is born? It's like all the things that make a girl cool and you wana be wit her are alllll gone the second the kid is born. I don't dislike kids. Just don't want em at all. Too much time, too much money, ***** up your relationship. No time for anything else.I don't see many positives. It used to be that kids had some sort of value to contribute. They were needed for survival. Now it's the exact opposite. They are a drain. The idea that ppl have kids cuz it's some sort of wonderful enjoyable experience are delusional. Now everyone is into this child worship as if everything has to be done for the children. They over parent them to death. That's why so many kids are spoiled rotten and can't take care of themselves when they get older.

Awesome. Right on the money. Behind every screaming kid you'll see a worn-out mom or dad. Most of the people I meet haven't graduated kindergarten. They want their little milks and their little blankets and their little naps and their little toys and their little, little everything. Yes, what they've become are "Useless, attention-seeking dumb***es". Brilliant, that. Well done!

I said exactly the same thing from around 5 years old, never played with dolls or prams and when I was a kid I didn't always like other kids then, I much preferred the company of adults. I have been told I will change my mind as I get older (really gets me mad) I am 35 now and despise them more then ever. I would rather top myself than have kids !!!

I hear that. What does top yourself mean?

I was the youngest in my family by 9 years so I pretty much grew up with nothing but adults around. I remember starting kindergarten and being around kids who were my age for the first time and I HATED them. A bunch of rude ill-mannered little monsters that I couldn't wait to get away from at the end of the school day.

In my twenties and thirties I had several girlfriends who tried to trap me into getting married and raising babies - I practically ran away screaming every single time because I knew that I did not want any part of this. Now that I'm in my late fifties I still don't want to be around kids - I'm really glad that I didn't have to put up with any grand-kids at Christmas. Honestly, I'm sure I HATE kids, always have and always will. Enjoy your life without kids - I sure have and there are NO regrets.

I fully respect the right of others not to have children, but I have to say that I am appalled at the way that they describe children, you being one of the worst of them. Yes, truly appalled. "Happiness-sucking, filthy, selfish"? My God.<br />
<br />
Happiness-sucking: To YOU. And you can't assume that's true for everyone.<br />
<br />
Filthy: The young of our species don't keep themselves clean, so we have to do it for them for a number of years. A task that is not too time consuming, and actually can be very joyful (kids' bath time, how I miss it, my children are grown now), and an extremely petty thing to even think about when one considers the rewards of having children.<br />
<br />
Selfish: True, children are not capable of being unselfish in the adult sense of the word, and they tend to be egocentric. The mature adult realizes this, expects it, and deals with it in the mature and proper manner, always keeping in mind the rewards that come along with it..<br />
<br />
Moron: Only an adult moron would term a child who has a naturally lower level of intelligence, something that clearly changes with maturity, a "moron".<br />
<br />
But basically, if you don't want kids, then don't have kids, nobody but perhaps those closest to you gives a darn, but please stop projecting your values onto everyone else and assuming that all parents are unhappy, because that's RIDICULOUS. Look at the people who are heartbroken that they can't have children, who spend large sums of money trying to have them. But you're right and everyone else is wrong, correct?<br />
<br />
I had two children, raising them was a wonderful and rewarding experience for me, and now they and my grandchildren are my life's blood, and I would never want to live without them, and that's an experience that you have to respect, even if it's one that you don't want yourself.

The OP is right. And that's exactly why you have a problem with it.

You're running out of steam, dear. This "reply" is laughably pathetic. Go on and try to defend the OP's assertion that *nobody* wants to get married and have children, that *everybody* has children only because their mother-in-law wants them to, that *all* parents are full of regret and despair and hate their lives, full of nice little convincing phrases such as "you can tell", "you can almost", and "I bet they do". Try to defend it, but please have plenty of hardcore research to back up your claims. A reminder: quoting the miniscule number of dysfunctional people who come here to vent does not qualify as research.

Please go somewhere else queenv60. Not your place here.

This might not be the best site for you to visit, queenv60. People find great joy in expressing their opinions about kids here. I personally cheered when I read this description of kids. Spot on! Please let us have at least ONE safe space to do so.

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You have a big forehead. And your argument about everything being for kids, blah blah... was so dumb. We all have stuff marketed towards us. Regardless of your age, gender, ect. Don't get me wrong, I still hate other people's kids! I just think you have some growing up to do yourself still, because some of your reasons make you sound jealous and petty. Also, get some bangs to cover up that highway above your eyes. Hate to see what your forehead lines are gonna look like in your mid 30's. Yikes!

Now who sounds jealous? Squirrel is a total babe and does not have a big forehead. Lashing out due to your own self-confidence issues?

Hate leads to the dark side. It's not good for people. Feel sorry for you.

Thank you very much, Polly Anna.

At my old school, we weren't allowed to h-h-have opinions!


Only a Sith deals in absolutes...

Only a Jedi makes dumbass generalizations

Join the Night Sisters instead, it's hardcore as fuuuuuuck.

I hate when people say things like, "you'll understand when you're older" and "you'll change your mind". They are trying to justify their mistakes after the fact. They wish to believe that having children is inevitable, which absolves them of any guilt or responsibility in the choices they (poorly) made, be it choosing to have kids or neglecting to use protection.

Yeah I Hear Ya..... I understand your strong dislike for children but if you tell a parent to shut their kid up!............regardless of the situation....that's an ***-whooping in development........parents might be upset with their kids behavior, but your best bet is to mind your business in these matters...Parents will **** YOU UP OVER THEY KIDS!......and don't forget YOU WERE A WHINING *** KIDS ONCE UPON A TIME TOO!

Ah yes, the old "You were once a child too" argument. Honestly, can you not come up with something new?

i don't hate kids but im not obsessed and carried away by them. there is not fascinated about them they are people just like everyone else. your right they are to be taken care of and raised. people treat them like they are the most important thing in the world and treat us adults like we are nothing. some people only care about kids and forget we are human too with needs and values. i don't see just kids as precious or a blessing everyone should be because we are all the children of someone. in this society everything is about kids and only kids and it shouldn't be like that. your right people put kids above everyone else. were not equal to them cause they are treated much better. i have meet people who tell me i will chance my mind about not wanting kids and i will like them but i have made up my mind. and its not going to change no matter what. when we were kids we were treated like that but when we lost our innocence people started seeing our flaws and mistakes. in this society people are too obsessed with kids. they forget about us adults. we need love , attention, and affection but they feel like only kids need that.

Well said with several great points. The downside ... you refreshed in my minds eye many irritating encounters I have had with snot nosed crying brats and their annoying parents within stores and restaurants !

Too bad I can only rate up this story by one point, I wanted to at least give it 50!