I Hate Kids.

i was woken up today by my crying cat (who i love very much) and it turns out she had thrown up all overf the floor. my first reaction to this is "if you were a kid, i'd ******* KILL you." then i imagined  it was an actual crying whining, disgusting little kid that had woken me up and i was soooo glad that i d't have kids and don't understand why the **** anyone would want them. they suck up all your time, and your money, and if you ever wanted to have anykind of down time for yourself ever again, think again. everything i have ever read or seen from experience is that kids ruin your looks, ruin your sex life, and ruin your relationship with your husband. and you PAY MONEY to raise this disgusting life form to ruin your life. of course, than everyone says, "but kids are so wonderfl.." yeah ******* right. **** kids. and of course those who have kids would say that, THEY HAVE NO CHOICE NOW, do they??? why the hell wold i be willing to sacrifice all my pleasures and my nice waist line to accomodate some greedy, ugly, leeching, self absorbed THING into life.... AND THEN have to spend the rest of my good years and my assets raising it to be a loser teenager who is going to hate and rebel against me and do nothing for society?? **** kids. they are not special, they are a PENNY a dozen they don't deserve ANYTHING just beause they are YOUNG HUMANS. full grown humans work, pay taxes, run their own lives, do a **** ton of things that do not render them being given special treatment, WHY the **** would some useless  little human deserve more?? i don't understand. i'll ******* slap the **** out of a kid. they are so evil and when u look at them you can see that they are plottin in their heads trying to take advantage, all the time being so stupid and useless that they think you can't see what they're  doing, and try to cry and "act like an innocent kid" to get away from getting into trouble. ill beat the **** out of a bad *** kid, ugh i hate them so ******* much. when isee them in the street i stare them down and i dont smile, to let them know i hate them and im not their mom, and you better stay close to your guardian if you don't want to get hurt. i hate kids and if i ever got pregnant i would definitely abort that dsgusting piece of filth  and ri the world f one more worthless vermin.
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6 Responses Oct 19, 2011

Thank GOD this group exists or Id probably lose my mind. I couldnt agree with you more! I feel the same exact way almost to a t.

I honestly think, you have full right to say and believe what ever you like.
And me personally, I also hate (yeah thats right HATE) kids with a passion.
And I advice all the other people that wrote comments about this post, saying things like its wrong to think that way or that you will rot in hell for your own beliefs? **** off. She or he has there own opinion and just because your opinion isn't the same, it doesn't mean opinions good or that its wanted to be heard of in the first place. I just turned 18 and i can honestly say, let this person hate kids. And let me hate them. It's obvious that kids mean absolutely nothing nor to me or this person. Do not try to change us. It's not happening.

WOW, you're full of so much hate - I can't help wondering if you were abused by your parents as a child. There's nothing wrong with not wanting kids, but HATING them??? You seem to have forgotten that you were once a disgusting little kid but you grew out of it. It is good parents who contribute the most to society because they raise kids into intelligent and caring adults who often do wonderful things.

So hate. Much wow. Lol.

I normally don't really care about what people think about anything but i think i've gathered enough evidence to say the following: I am a young 20 year old and i honesty think you can rot the the flaming hellfire. ive noticed ALOT of things while reading through this, but they are things what can be normally discuses as adults and even teens. I dont know how you can say you can hate the "young humans" in such a revolting way. I think im the only one with the guts to say your yet again another revolting human being who should not exist. and about " loser teenager who is going to hate and rebel against me and do nothing for society?" Its talk like that what makes a teen act in such a way (or just pathetic parenting...) I never rebels against my mother and I helped her with anything i could possibly do.I know a friend with similar views to this issue and i dont agree with here views. however, we discuss like human beings and get on with life. You sound like some new breed of idiot. and really, you stare down at kids!? and my last word: greedy, ugly, leeching, self absorbed THING... i don't even know you(and lordy i REALLY dont want to know you...) but for some strange reason, i feel like you fit every single criteria. most of these flames are discussable but you... you need a back slap -_-


I'm about as hateful as can be, but I think you take the cake here. I'd hate to see what your ugly mug looks like. I bet you give the kids nightmares lol.

You were my bully in high school weren't you?