I have a nephew who is the biggest pain in the @$$, as this child is no child but a demon. He screams, gives a tantrum when something does not go his way, throws, and when we say "NO" "Stop!", the little bastard goes ahead and does what he pleases.This kid could die tomorrow and I would not care. His mother (my sister) is a ***** who likes to leave her bastards with some one else to take care of and I wonder why the hell she has children to begin with when she does not care for them.My mother has to take care of the brat due to the fact I would KILL this kid by beating him to death. All my friends say I will grow out of it, and I will have kids my self; in return I scoff and ignore them. I do not understand the appeal of children as they are so very annoying and want everything they see. I applaud those who have the patience to deal the little f***ers. I care more for my dog than for that child that shares my blood. I do not claim relation to THAT monster I despise more than anything. The little bastard has eyes of deviousness as you see the wheels turning in head and know nothing good will ever come from this child. I have no love for this kid that belongs to my sister as all I want to do kick both out on the street and forget about them. Sometimes I feel bad for all the anger and hatred I have as it was not how my parents raised me.
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2 Responses Nov 5, 2011

This' eerily similar to my great nephew. I hate the little f**ker. Yes, I know that's horrible of an adult to say about a 2 and a half year old but this kid is horrible. The parents simply don't care. You tell him no he'll scream and throw a tantrum. When they were here last May he was crouched down by my cat. Next thing I know the brat starts bawling. Apparently. The Hell spawn had buried his thumbs into my sweet cat's neck and in response he bit him. I wouldn't be surprised in about 20 years time I'll see him on the news for murder.

I honestly feel for you. You really shouldn't feel guilty that you dislike a child, or even a baby. They're not completely innocent and some of them are just bad apples that don't deserve to live on this planet. It's sad but true. One of the first things I learned in psychology was that temperament and personality are normally set at birth and rarely, rarely change. I've met quite a few bratty and demonic children and it saddens me to say they are the same today as they were back then. All you can do is express that you do not like this child and that you consider its behavior demonic and distance yourself from it as much as you can.