I have a nephew who is the biggest pain in the @$$, as this child is no child but a demon. He screams, gives a tantrum when something does not go his way, throws, and when we say "NO" "Stop!", the little bastard goes ahead and does what he pleases.This kid could die tomorrow and I would not care. His mother (my sister) is a ***** who likes to leave her bastards with some one else to take care of and I wonder why the hell she has children to begin with when she does not care for them.My mother has to take care of the brat due to the fact I would KILL this kid by beating him to death. All my friends say I will grow out of it, and I will have kids my self; in return I scoff and ignore them. I do not understand the appeal of children as they are so very annoying and want everything they see. I applaud those who have the patience to deal the little f***ers. I care more for my dog than for that child that shares my blood. I do not claim relation to THAT monster I despise more than anything. The little bastard has eyes of deviousness as you see the wheels turning in head and know nothing good will ever come from this child. I have no love for this kid that belongs to my sister as all I want to do kick both out on the street and forget about them. Sometimes I feel bad for all the anger and hatred I have as it was not how my parents raised me.
bluevein bluevein 18-21 Nov 5, 2011

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