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I've never liked kids, but I think my hatred ignited when my boyfriend's sister had her second illegitimate child with a married man twice her age.  She had her first child when she was 20 with her then boyfriend who she later dumped.  Then she got married to a guy in the Navy and left him (but they're still married because she needs those sweet benefits for her rug rats).  Right when she was leaving her Navy husband, she got pregnant but it (thankfully) resulted in a miscarriage.  She got all upset about it for some reason (she's had 5-7 abortions previously so you think she'd be used to having fetuses die).  So then she hooked up with a married middle school teacher who is very much NOT separated from his wife since he lives with her, their two kids, and his mother to this very day.  She had his child a year ago and lives with my boyfriend's parents who are nearing retirement age and shouldn't be raising two children and having their grown POS daughter mooching off of them.  

Anyway - aside from this scenario being not so ideal, the two girls are awful.  The older one (who is now 5) is a total brat.  My boyfriend's mother (who hasn't worked a day in her life because she's a baby factory and doesn't have to work) dotes on the child and buys her everything that she would ever want even though the child deserves nothing.  The baby gets the same treatment.  In fact, my boyfriend's mother threw out all of the older child's hand-me-down clothes because she wants the baby to have all new clothing even though the fathers provide no support for said clothing (or food, or shelter, or anything - my boyfriend's father finances their lives 100% along with the rest of their family).  I've gotten a little bitter about this money situation especially because whenever my boyfriend and I need anything we are forced to ask my parents because his parents are paying for his sister's two little mistakes.  Not only that, but they purposefully did not pay for my boyfriend's college tuition because they thought he needed the responsibility.  So he's in major college debt still, but they WILL pay for these two children who in my mind are mistakes unlike a college education which is a positive life change.  Plus their fathers should be paying for the children - not the grandparents.  Why do people get rewarded for screwing up?  It makes no sense.

So I have a good deal of resentment towards these two children.  I did not like children beforehand and this situation has put the nail in the coffin.  My boyfriend's mom and his stupid sister ask me when I'm having kids and I say never.  Although I've been saying that for over 2 years they just don't seem to get it.        
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What business is it of yours what your boyfriend's sister did? What business is it of yours what your boyfriend's mother does? What the hell business is it of yours that your boyfriend's mother loves her grandchildren, which is perfectly natural? What business is it of yours that what your boyfriend's mother chooses to spend her money on? Who the hell are you to say that your boyfriend's sister shouldn't be upset about a miscarriage, no matter how many abortions she's had? You're whiny, you're jealous, and you feel entitled to things that you're not entitled to.<br />
<br />
I never wanted to have a career, I felt that it would be much more rewarding to have and raise children, so that's what I chose to do, my choice, please respect the choices of others.

What business is it of yours if anyone doesn't want or even like kids? It's awful ironic that you would accuse people of not minding their own business when you have this creepy obsession with people who made better choices in your lives than you did in yours.

You never wanted to be USEFUL. You wanted to to be a breeder and a mooch, and that's exactly all you ever were.

Your choice is not to be respected. EVERYONE, whether we breed ourselves or not, is affected by kids who you fail to raise correctly, and by overpopulation. It IS our business.

It's not my business if people don't want kids, and it's not my business if people don't like kids, and I've never said it was. It's my business, as a parent, when all parents are said to be unhappy and when all parents are called stupid and irresponsible, and when all children are called worthless. I'm a parent, so that's my business.

I was a wife, a stay at home mother, and now I'm a widow, and I'm also a grandmother. You may want to define being a wife and being a mother as being a "mooch" and you may want to think it isn't useful, but you know what? That's your problem, it isn't mine. It makes you feel bad inside, because it makes you angry, but it doesn't make me feel bad.

I was exactly a wife and a mother, and I'm proud of that.

And the OP posted her story here, and by doing so she invited opinions on her thoughts and behavior, and she seriously needs to mind her own business.

Yeah I have seen this one other time in my life. Big fat momma sits at home all day (in her parents house) and does not work. Never leaves the bedroom, even to eat. The 10 yr olds father is divorced from baby momma, and he's such a champ, he went out and got himself herpes. Suits him. He is trying to make more babies with other women just for kicks and so he got his. Anyway, this kid is taken care of 100% while she does nothing. Without the parents money and her child support, this woman wouldn't be able to afford a pack of gum. And the parents are retards for not stepping up and telling her get a job and support your chubby little ankle biter or get the hell out! If her and Herpes man couldn't afford the fat f*****g kid they should of had an abortion. But I think this was her plan all along. Get knocked up as an excuse not to work. Pathetic isn't t? The parents are 73 years old and they have to raise (yes, raise) and support her kid. And he is spoiled and ungrateful. He asks for anything and they buy it for him. He SUCKS and I am not afraid to admit it anymore. This site has set me free to have my opinions and clearly, I am not alone. I agree with you, society is f****d up and people should respect US (the people who choose not to breed) even more than the stupid ones who went and spread their legs for no good reason. And for what. To produce more ungrateful, fat, lazy, and spoiled brats. God. Just chain them out back.

We respect your right not to have children. You don't respect our right to have them. And you obviously don't know how to mind your own business.

Shut the **** up you ******* troll!

Us not having children doesn't hurt anyone. You having children DOES. That make makes it our business.

LOL. So my children have hurt you? Well, I guess I'd better go inform of that. On second thought, no, I won't, because they will think that I'm getting Alzheimer's. I have a better idea. Why don't you go down to the nearest police station and report this crime against you? The cops can probably trace me through my posts here, and then they will brutally interrogate me until I crack and give my kids' names.

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I hate how the siblings with kids are favored over the ones that don't have them, like myself. When I am at my parents house, they only have pictures up of my sister's kids and talk about them all the time. It's pathetic that a woman's success is measured by how many children they produce.

yeah, I'm sick of being the "other kid" too. My sister leeches off everyone especially our mother. I've asked my mother for money ($25) ONCE... to pay for my medication... and I payed her back the following week. But what relationship do I have with my mother none. My sister on the other hand... they're best ******* friends... who talk **** about me behind my back. my only "crime" is that I never want to reproduce