This Makes Me Puke

My boyfriend is going to see his brothers child.It's just born and thinking about that little disgusting think that just came out of a vagina makes me wanna puke.Oh god,I can't think of anything more disgusting like a newborn child.
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I hear ya! I feel the same way! ;)

You obviously just want to shock with your intense, irrational, cold, inhuman and selfish ideas. Okay, you've shocked. But I tend to think you are being a troll.

Ha! That's so funny! You seek out any post by someone admitting to dislike children, only so you can whine in the comments. And you have the nerve to call someone else a troll?

Guess what? Newborns ARE gross. You let your obsession with them blind you to that. Newborns are ugly, smelly, practically mindless, useless, and covered in bodily fluid until they've had a good wash. This shouldn't be shocking to anyone. The OP is not wrong. You are.

The reason I'm looking at these posts is so that people who think it's alright to call children "worthless" and "morons" or, as this OP did, "disgusting" will have one person stand up to them and tell them that they are wrong, because all they've ever run into here are people who encourage them. Why is it wrong to use these terms to describe children? Because children are human beings, they are a group of human beings that deserve the same respect that other human beings do. What if I came on here or anywhere else and said that blacks, Jews, Asians, men rather than women, were "worthless", were "morons", were "disgusting"? What if I did that? Do you know how many people would be lining up to crucify me, and rightly so? Guess what? Children are human beings and they are just as deserving of respect as those groups are, and if you can't figure that out in that prejudiced little mind of yours, then you need to hear that I'm not wrong. You are.

I don't understand all of this hatred. Did everybody forget that they were once a child, as well? Do you not have any fond childhood memories? How would you have felt if a distant relation hated you for the sole factor that you were a child. You may think children are vile, but many of them know that hating people for narrow minded generalities is wrong. Grow up. People will have kids, you are choosing not to. What's the point of hating on children and parent?

HOLY ****!!! we were once children??? you, my friend are a ******* genius!
We are here in this forum to support each other...would you rather we let this haterd we have fester inside until we snap and do something horrible?? or would you rather we get our feelings out in a supportive environment and avoid all that nasty business? YOU do not belong here. What's the point of coming to a forum that doesn't fit your ideas. GET OUT.

No, I would rather you not have such an abnormal hatred for children that you actually "snap" and "do something horrible". Believe it or not, the vast majority of people, even people who don't want children, do not have a pathological hatred of them.

There is a point in coming to a forum that doesn't fit your ideas. It's called a rational, opposing viewpoint and the point is that it's never a bad thing to hear one.


Fool, your "rational, opposing viewpoint" is just 'how dare you not like pweshus baybees! Waaah!' Guess what, no one is required to like anyone or anything, regardless of age. If you're bothered by people not sharing your irrational obsessions with sprogs, go somewhere else, because no one here cares.

Why don't let you people speak for themselves? No, the rational opposing viewpoint is not "how dare you not like precious babies"? The rational opposing viewpoint is "If your hatred of children is so intense that you really believe you would kill one if you weren't able to come to this forum, please recognize that that is pathological and seek help, and I don't mean on this forum where others are going to do nothing but reinforce your pathology."

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How stupid. FIRST OF ALL, her MAN is not interested in climbing inside a vagina! In fact, maybe you're JEALOUS of HER because she has a man that supports her views! Unlike you, who probably lives in a trailer park with three carpet rats running around while your carpets that you used to have are stained and sticky with juice and crap and s**t! You probably have another one on the way to add to that mess you have going on over there. What's the problem? You aren't a strong enough person to actually think about yourself and you'd rather give in to spreading your legs and pop here comes another one.... No she doesn't need to make 6 figures to clean up a mess and if she did guess what?? Her and her man can spend it together on themselves and not on hauling baby daddies 1, 2, and 3 to court for child support. Seems pretty clear to me. You're just pissed because you let a little something inside YOUR vagina and now it's too late. HAVE FUN wiping up maple syrup, packing back packs and going to PTA meetings. We'll be at the jacuzzi with our pina coladas! So you think about THAT the next tme your vacation is to disneyland when ours will be the Bahamas. :)

kids from 0-10 are the most disgusting things ever, are like worms, i wanted to describe them all smelly and dirty but for the sake of my stomach i rather not, try to never have kids

Actually,he went to see that child because his parents made him to do that by courtesy,he's not interestend in it.And that what you just said is just stupid.He isn't one hour old,he have been in shower several times in his live so it's not the same.

Luckily every one around me knows that I hate kids so they don't expect to care about their little parasites.

Oh Darling, don't you get it, your boyfriend also came out of one and you even KISS your boyfriend on the lips. You probably also sleep with him. If you sleep with him; it's kinda like he's putting himself back inside a woman. Almost like he wants to go back inside. Maybe he's going to see the child because he's jealous of how recently the child left it's mothers vagina. <br />
<br />
Enjoy thinking about that when he comes back. ;]<br />
<br />
Unless of course you want to figure out new life isn't actually all that gross and your just seriously overreacting. =] That chances are your boyfriend is being a good uncle, and an average male human being by wanting to at some point in his life have sexual intercourse.

gross. why don't you go climb into a vagina somewhere and never come back to this forum?