What I Think Of Kids...

Kids... oh, the 'joys of life'. Heh, give me a break. Every single day when I travel to my class on the bus it is one horrible night mare. Why? Kids. Babies. You know?
Every single bus journey is a challenge: How Strong Will My Headache Be?
There is never a moment when I leave the house without a loud, stupid; annoying screaming kid. Mostly it's them normally whining that their mom didn't buy them the candy they wanted or the crappy toy. It drives me insane, and as a result; I hate leaving the house.
But it's not just on the bus! It's everywhere! The streets, the supermarkets, heck; even my college building! Mothers bringing their children to the college and is always the ones that don't know when to shut their mouths.
My dumb mother constantly tells me that when I am 18 I will change my mind and will want to have kids. Well, guess what? I'm 18 now and I still hate them! I always will! She doesn't get the message, even with proof that kids are nothing more than screaming, sniveling little brats.
Yes, I realise I used to be a kid myself, but that doesn't change my opinion on them.
If I ever get pregnant (Which will hopefully be never), my life would be over. I wouldn't be a good mother because of my low tolerance level for children due to most of my life with horrible headaches caused by the little bastards.

The next issue I have with children are the parents who do not keep their children under control.
I've asked mothers kindly and politely to keep their children under control and that I had a terrible headache.
Their reply? "They're only children!!!" I felt like losing it and telling them that bus journeys were a quiet ride to your destination, and not a god damned amusement park.

So, if you're going to leave a comment on here, please understand that if you don't hate children, you should not be here!

What's my opinion on children? Loud, stupid, annoying, ugly, bratty, worthless; a problem.
If I have messed my sentences up, I'm not English born.
Thank you for taking the time to read! <3
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I have the same thoughts too. I did not want any kids, not good at kids, and until now...I'm married and still don't want kids. Kids are burden to me.

YES! YES! YES!!!!!!

I don't hate children and I don't care that you think that I shouldn't be here. I'm here. And one of my pet peeves are people who think that they have some God-given right to never hear a child at play, hear a child cry, hear a child's "happy shrieks" when they go out into the world. We humans were born to reproduce, it's unnatural not to want to (no, I'm not afraid to say it), and children are a part of the world, so get over it!<br />
<br />
And while I respect the right of others not to have children, anyone who would refer to children as "worthless" has a problem that is best treated by a psychiatrist.

You clearly don't respect our decision to have kids, you're trolling our board.

I fully respect your decision not to have children. I've been friends with a few women who don't want children. One of my best high school friends was a girl who said at that time that she never wanted to have children, and now, over thirty years later, she never has had children.

What I don't respect is what I see here on this board: The self-centered expectation that one should never have to look at or hear children while out in public, the ridiculous assumptions that all parents are unhappy and all parents regret their choice to have children, the ludicrous opinions that it's irresponsible and somehow wrong to have children. The statements that no children should ever be born, the implied desire being to see the human race disappear in one generation. I don't respect the contemptuous references to those of us who parent, to those of us who joyfully engage in the task of raising the next generation, as "breeders". Yes, it may be true that childless-by-choice people have been referred to contemptuously by parents, but two wrongs do not make a right.

I would expect to see statements such as, "I don't want kids because they bother me, when they cry it gets on my nerves, I don't have the patience for that." Or "I don't care for kids because they take so much time and energy, I'd rather spend my time and energy on something else." Fine. But what I've seen here goes way beyond that, I've seen statements such as "Children should be cut up into cutlets" and they have been called "worthless" and "happiness-sucking" (and that's an unwarranted assumption to make about all parents), they have been called "disgusting" and they've been called "morons."

Never in my life have I heard statements like these come out of anyone's mouth, not among the people I've known who don't want children. It's indicative of an abnormal mindset, and I'm not afraid to say that. It is not normal to have that kind of intense hatred and that kind of resentment and that kind of vitriol towards the young of our species, and I'm going to say so. You may think this is your board so you can say whatever the hell you want, but really what this board is doing is reinforcing pathology.


P*** off, stinking old troll!

"Happy shrieks" belong in the park, at pee filled public pools or in the kids' own parents' house. They don't belong in restaurants, on busses, in college dorms, in department stores or movie theatres. Unfortunately, that is where I personally hear all of them, as I avoid kid parks like cholera and I am not friends with anyone who has small kids, and therefore, would never go to a kid house.

I am sensitive to noise and I'd probably be labeled as disabled if I were born five years ago instead of in the seventies. Noise has literally given me hives. There's no way in hell I'm going any kid friendly place on purpose. Unfortuately, I can't go ANYWHERE without being bombarded by kid noise. This includes my workplace, a CRIMINAL COURT. The criminals bring their kids, or bring along grandparents and the kids as if an arraignment is a family affair. Scarcely a day goes by when some kid doesn't start screaming in the lobby, and rarely does the parent or family try and do anything about it.

Am I supposed to quit my job? Am I supposed to not go grocery shopping? According to a lot of entitleparents, I'm supposed to be the one to stay home if I can't stand screaming. I wonder what those same parents would do if I stood three feet from their table at Applebee's or other gross family friendly restaurant and screamed?

One thing I love about Washington State is no one under 21 allowed in pubs and bars. Where do you suppose my husband and I eat most of the time?

Children do not belong in upscale restaurants, theaters, (unless it's a movie theater that is showing a kid's movie), black tie affairs, weddings *if* the bridal couple has indicated that they don't want children at their wedding, they don't belong at dinner parties if the hosts have indicated that they don't want children brought, they don't belong at adult parties, and they don't belong in bars. They do belong in family restaurants, department stores, on buses. I'm sorry about your hearing problem, but it's unreasonable to expect parents to never bring their children out to eat and never to bring them shopping and to never take them on public transportation. I'm really sorry about your noise issue, but the fact remains, no, you just don't have a God-given right to never hear a child.

Queen60v. You need to find another message board. This one is not for you. Go to the ones that worship kids and all their dumbness.

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good for you! I can't stand them and I didn't realize it until i dated someone with the most spoiled little brat boy in the world! Daddys out whoring and got himself herpes. Suits him. She lies in bed all day while her parents go to work and she weighs 300 lbs. The mistake I made two xmas' ago was buy her a flat screen tv. she eats in the bed and never leaves that tv. That whole house is a ****** up mess and I am glad im out of there. But the little ******* had the house revolving around him. He couldnt even brush his horrible breath teeth and liked to breathe all over you he was gross screw that they can go shove a broomstick up his ***.

Thanks for sharing your story! I'm so glad to find people that feel the same way I do. I've never liked children since I was a teenager and people kept telling me that I will change my mind. Well, I never did and I don't regret my child-free by choice lifestyle. I've been able to achieve more in life that I would've if I had kid and I never let anyone influence me into having kids, although I had many offers. Now after having the Essure procedure done, there is no question the I WILL NEVER have kids. Just remember that it's your life and you should live it the way you want.

Haha, what have you achieved in your life? Are you a CEO? Are you an artiste? Got a college degree? A high-powered attorney? All of those things? Okay.

And who is going to remember that after you're dead? Nobody. Nobody will care. Nobody will remember your name. Nobody will give a rat's *** what you did. That is reserved only for the very very small percentage of us who achieve fame.

But I....I bore children. I raised children. I have grandchildren. God willing, I will have more grandchildren and my grandchildren will have children. Long after I'm dead, they will be walking the earth. My great-grandchildren may never know my name, but that doesn't matter. They would not exist if not for me. That is my immortality. That's a walking testament that no childless CEO, artiste, college graduate, or attorney can ever have.

I have achieved so much. I never could have achieved what I have if I didn't have children.

Go away queenv60. Go away.

So, you're basically saying you're a narcissist?

That is a sad, selfish, narcissistic view as to why you have children. Your profile presents that you are cold, sad, moronic fool who somehow believes they are entitled to something. Remember your words when you are put in a home by your ever 'loving' kids, and they not only forget your name, but that you even exist.

Sure, you could call me narcissistic if you want to. It doesn't bother me in the least. But there's nothing sad about it. I'm not sad that my children exist, and they are not sad that they exist, so how can it be sad? Sure, it's selfish in a way. Nearly everything that humans do is selfish. You're selfish when you buy a house, you're selfish when you buy a car, you're selfish when you pursue a career, when people don't have children, it's for selfish reasons and when people do have children---surprise!--it's also for selfish reasons. Nobody has children for entirely selfless reasons. Although much of the caring for children is by necessity selfless, nobody has them for selfless reasons. They have them because they want them, and the reasons that they want them always involve the self.....it is not a selfless decision, ever.

What do I feel that I'm entitled to? Did I feel entitled to have children? No. I wanted to have them and I hoped that I would have them, but it was always in my mind that I might not be able to have them, and even when I'd had one, it crossed my mind that I might not be able to have another, and I was prepared to deal with that.

Will my kids ever put me in a home? Maybe, if the time ever comes that I am physically andor mentally incapacitated. That thought doesn't bother me. Nursing homes exist for a reason, sometimes they are necessary. My landlady had to put her now-89-year-old mother in a nursing home a few years ago, when she developed Alzheimer's Disease. Before that, she had taken her mother into her home and taken care of her for several years, and now, she calls and visits and talks to her mom on the phone and talks about how devastated she will be when the inevitable end eventually comes.

But, my kids will never stop loving me, they will never forget my name, and they will never forget that I exist. I understand that you're anxious to shore up your point, but please don't let that carry you to the point that you make totally unwarranted assumptions about people (meaning my children) that you don't even know.

All of the talk on this forum about kids telling their parents that they hate them on a daily basis, and the harping on about the minority of parents who are abusive or neglectful, and the even smaller minority of parents who say that they hate their kids, the oh-so-certainty that everything is going to turn out so terribly wrong for parents in the end, really makes me wonder how secure some of this child hatred really is.

No one is going to remember you when you're dead. Any kids you breed will simply go on with their lives, and eventually die as well. Do you think you're going to make it into a history book by doing what any rat can do? You are going to die just like everyone else, and be just as dead. You're not immortal in any way. Deal with it.

If you're so concerned about being remembered, get off your *** and do something useful with your life. Go actually achieve something. Quit being a lazy piece of **** acting like simply taking a shot of ***** is enough and you need not offer any real contribution to the world. Go ******* do something.

I have. I haven't bred. For one thing, that benefits society as I'm not contributing further to overpopulation and resource depletion. Who knows how many lives that act alone saves?

More than that, I served in the Army and did important work in Iraq. My job there was to SAVE lives. Not only was I doing important work, but I was enabling other people to continue with theirs as well. How is that for a legacy?

Best of all, I don't do any of my good work for selfish reasons like being remembered. Why the **** would I even care after I'm dead (just as dead as you) anyway?

You are a selfish, short-sighted, bitter, narcissistic *****.

In time, nobody will actually remember me when I'm dead. That's true of almost everybody, people who don't have children as well as people who do have children. But the point is, it doesn't matter to me that nobody will remember me, because I will have a *living legacy*, which childless people will never have. You totally missed the point.

And what else can I achieve that will ensure I'll be remembered after death? The only thing I could possibly achieve to ensure that is to become an actress, an icon, become President, marry into royalty, and the like. And how many people manage to do that? None of those things mean anything to me, myriad people try to achieve fame and are not able to do so, so why should I try that to achieve fame and thus be remembered?

I have achieved something. I achieved two wonderful children, two wonderful grandchildren, a happy marriage, and let me tell you, you can't be "lazy" while achieving those things.

Some people would approve what you did in Iraq, and believe me, I've known plenty of people who wouldn't approve of it, but either way, it is not going to be remembered and you are not going to be remembered for it after you're dead. I won't be remembered by name, either, but I will have achieved immortality through my progeny. You don't care about that, fine, but I do. My feelings are 99 percent of childless people (saving the ones who achieve fame) are consigning themselves to oblivion, while people who produce descendants are not, you don't care about that, and that's your right, but I do and I'm stating it.

You may feel that there is nothing inherently superior about raising a family as opposed to having a career or serving in the military, but I feel that there is nothing inherently superior about having a career or serving in the military as opposed to raising a family. Basically, though, you entirely missed the point of everything that I said.

By the way, name-calling is a mark of bitterness and frustration.

Breeding is not a "living legacy." The closest thing you'll have to a legacy is selfishness and a devastated planet by your irresponsible breeding.

You could do something useful with your life, if you're so concerned with being remembered. But you won't because you're too ******* lazy and self-centered. Nope, easier to just spread your legs and do what any RAT can do, never actually achieving anything of value.

Like I said, any RAT can breed. It's not an achievement for that reason alone. It's even less of an achievement if you acknowledge (which you won't because you're irresponsible) the destruction that you inflicted on the world in doing so.

You haven't achieved a damn thing in your life. Not a damned thing. You were nothing but a waste of space, a resource drain, a burden on the world.

Don't assume I'm as selfish narcissistic as you are and give a damn about being remembered. The fact is I actually DID something with my life. I actually achieved something. I did something most people can't do, and I SAVED LIVES and made the world just a little bit better in doing it. How is that for a "living legacy?" I did more in that one year than you have done in your entire life.

People who breed will be just as dead, and no less, than people who don't. It's the people who don't who are not only NOT hurting the world as we aren't contributing to overpopulation, but not having kids enables us to each achieve more with our lives and actually be useful in ways you never have been.

There is nothing inherently valuable about breeding. At all. Nevermind relation to anything else, especially things that are actually useful like work. Hell, taking a **** is superior to breeding, at least it doesn't hurt the world or impede me from going on to have actual achievements.

Face it. You have achieved NOTHING with your life. You will leave no legacy, only devastation in your wake. And when you die, you will be forgotten as quickly as anyone else, and will be just as dead as anyone else. You're not special in any way for simply laying on your back and taking some man sauce. DEAL WITH IT!

LOL. Really, honey, please don't let your bitterness lead you to presenting yourself in such an unattractive way. I'm only thinking of you when I say this. And remember, name-calling is the last refuge of the desperate.

@queenv60 Thanks for your response to my comment, but to answer your question, I have two degrees and a corporate job with a Fortune 50 and a six figure income. I own my own house and BMW. I'm also a published fitness model and pro athlete with a pro card to prove it. So I can basically kick your a*s anytime I want to. I didn't bring all that up, since I'm not a narcissist like you. I'm not impressed that you think you're a high powered CEO, since anyone can start a Corp by filing paperwork with the state and pay a fee. How many employees do you manage? In addition, you're probably not putting your law degree to use much or working that hard as a high-powered CEO since you're so busy breeding and on this board. I think you're the one that's "desperate" by coming here to start sh*t with people who don't share the same view as you. I'm glad I chose not to breed, since it sounds like you're breeding enough for the rest of us. Good luck to you and all your spawn!

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