Never Wanted Kids

I'm 17, and never in my life have I wanted kids. Sure, sometimes I would consider it, but I would always come back to the same conclusion: no kids. Ever. I see no reason to bring more screaming, resource-eating, potentially dangerous people into this world when we can't even manage our resources in the first place. If I was to have children, I would want the absolute best for them, and the way the world is today I would not be able to give that to them. I don't want them to experience depression or to self-harm or go through any of my ****, but I wouldn't have much control over that. Before creating ANY more people, we need to fix the ones we've got.

My half-brother, who is my elder by 13 years, got two of his girlfriends pregnant within five years. One baby was given up for adoption. The other is now three and being raised by my brother's ex-wife, a pot-smoking lady living on welfare. She lives in another state and my brother is barely involved in his son's life. My brother has learning disabilities, anxiety, and social disabilities--this makes him functional enough to blend in, but it makes it difficult for him to manage money and react to stress normally. There was no way he should have been having children. Now he has two sons out there that will never have the opportunities they should have, all because he was being irresponsible. This ******* disgusts me and further convinces me that I don't want children.

That same nephew is supposed to be staying here for winter break. Call me selfish, but I am dreading having a screaming, messy three-year-old running around OUR house while I'm stuck at home for two weeks. I'm locking my ******* door so he can't get into my stuff, because I know my mom and brother won't be watching him 24/7. I don't want to talk to him, play with him, do anything with him. Though I know it's not his fault and wish the best for him in the future, I can't stand the way children under ten years old act. There's nothing endearing about it; nothing about seeing a child or a baby makes me want to go take care of it. I tell people I don't think babies are cute and they think I'm Satan incarnate! But what's cute about a vomiting, squirming naked mole rat? I prefer a kitten, thank you. :)

Just everything about having kids is ugly. Pregnancy is disgusting. I fail to see what's so beautiful about a little person growing in you for nine months. I can't even think about a baby moving inside a pregnant woman's stomach...

Never having kids. People don't get it. They say it's selfish! What, am I somehow killing my unborn children by never conceiving them? That's impossible. I'm just keeping the world population down. People act like it's my DUTY as a woman to have children. Sorry I don't want to waste my life caring for children I never wanted in the first place. It's more selfish to have kids when you are not prepared and do what my brother did to his. Here's hoping I can live a nice long life doing what I want to do with my career sans children.
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2011

I hated it when I was your age and Id say I don't want kids and always got the same responce. You'll change your mind someday. No, I didn't. I just found more legit reasons not to want them.

I agree with you. I knew when I was your age I'd never want kids, now I am much older & feel EXACTLY the same. We're not all breeders & there is much else to do in this world apart from breed. Any sheep can breed.

When I was 12 I woried about that I woulde never be able to have kids.When I was 13 my little sister borned...Next month I'm turning 19 and I still hope that I will never get pregnant.No if I'll get pregnant I wouldn't ceep that little creature,I would abort,but anyways abortion isn't a nice procedure,however it's better than a child.