Girlfriend's 9 Year Old Son Killed My Cat

When I dated a girl who had a little bastard son of a B, I brought my 6 year old cat to live with us.  He was a great cat, loved everyone, and didn't want anything but to be petted.  Well, HE decided he was gonna be an a****e and mess with the cat!  He kept playing with my cat using rubber bands, even after we told him countless times to KNOCK THE S**T OFF.  Finally the day came that the cat became very sick.  He started vomiting.  When we came home, we asked HIM what happened and all he could say was that the cat threw up elastics.  Needless to say, because of him, we had to put the cat down because he was just too sick to save, the vet said.  THAT KID deserved to be kicked in the f****g TEETH, bound and hog-tied, and locked in a cage!  He never even shed a tear after we got home, and all he could do was ask us if we PICKED HIM UP A GAME CARD on the way home!!!!!  Oh my GOD!  I will never have kids and this is yet another good example folks of why we need to put ourselves first!  If I had my way I would p**s on him!  I hate the little bastards!  Soccer moms go screw yourselves!
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My sister had a huge number of un-fixed cats in a filthy apartment when she had her first child. Of course the cats kept making babies and every time they did, her child ended up killing most of them in the worst ways. They lived on the second floor at the time and my sister once found kittens on the roof outside the window... her miserable brat threw them out there. Her kid was young at the time, yes, but my sister never taught the kid that you don't do that ****. Naturally, I didn't visit often. Her kids are still monsters.

Oh yeah. The mother came with me the day we had to put down my cat. She didn't scold her son, didn't even raise her voice to him or punish him, and then tried to tell me we don't know FOR SURE!! That little $hitbag admitted to it but of course, mommy doesn't do **** about it. AND THEN, just to add salt to the wound, she went out 3 WEEKS LATER and bought 2 KITTENS like that is the answer to her son killing my cat of 6 YEARS! My God! It's outrageous!! If it was MY kid (cold day in hell) I would of grounded that kid for 3 months. Come out of his room to eat and that's it. He killed someone else's animal for christ sakes. And it didn't even bother him. Imagine? That's how I knew. He looked more "worried that he got caught" than act concerned or saddened that the cat died. I talked to the ex briefly the other day to discuss a bill we owe to the apartment we lived in. Well, she went out and bought the Wii for precious so that the two of them can be lazy and play on that thing together. So, nothing changed. She never got a job. The kid still sucks. And the two of them want to be together 24/7. Ummmm....something wrong here?? Sooo glad I am not with her anymore...

Yeah, she'll think her little future serial killer is precious when she's watching him receive his lethal injection. Almost all serial killers start out with torturing and murdering animals. Throw that brat in the mental ward now and throw away the GD key in the fiery pits of Hell.

Let me guess.... The mom acted like it wasn't a big deal? When I was younger my kid cousin stole my bike, ended up getting lost on it, and when they found her, boo-boo, poor baby, got lost and scared. Trying to remind the family that SHE STOLE MY ****ING BIKE made me out to be the bad guy, apparently.

OH believe me I wanted to!!! I have thought about it in retrospect. Drilling holes in the kid's fingernails, hooking them with telephone wire, and dragging him 7 miles across I-95 would of been too easy of a punishment. Dumping hot oil from the french fries over him would of gotten rid of that ugly little pie hole he calls a face, but it wouldn't of gotten rid of him. I could of threw him through the second story window and tell the cops he fell but the tears running down my eyes and my uncontrolled laughter would of given it away LOL

The people on this page are so violent it's disgusting. I can understand hating the kid, but doesn't mean you have to describe how you want to kill him. Sicko

And how deranged are you to sit here reading all of this stuff that you consider soooo violent and disgusting? Just can't tear your fat hind end away from it, can you? I can picture sitting at your computer munching on cheetos. Typing on your keyboard with your fat cheesy fingers, while chomping your cheetos with your mouth open. Go away baby hippo. No one asked you to come here.

How in the world did you not kill that ******* kid?????