I Hate Kids To The Fullest

Thank god that I am NOT alone in this ******* world on NOT having or wanting kids. I'm 33 year old and I feel fine. I can do whatever the hell I want and NOT care about having a screaming, drooling, hair pulling Mini me on my lap while riding the train. I used to live in Brooklyn and hated taking the A and C trains at night because there were young mom's (some way younger than I am) screaming and beating thier kids on the train, yelling at thier little nyhmps as if they were 28 instead of 5, just because life stresses them out. HEY, just because some getto ho ( and getto ho to me can be ANYBODY of any race and class.) got knocked up and have to deal with a little bastard of her own doesn't mean that my train ride shouldn't be disturbed.

I have my cousins bothering me about when I am going to have a little brat. I tell them "When I'm ready I'll have one, until then "LEAVE ME ALONE." Don't get me wrong I don't want to have a kid now - maybe when I'm 38. I'm enjoying my life taking pictures, traveling on a whim, and having money to my damn self and spending it on anything I want. I prefer to do the things that I want to do now instead of becoming a robot like everyone else and dismiss a dream or a want simply because I shelled out a little snot nosed brat. I DON'T LIKE KIDS. Hell, I can't even stand my own neices and nephews. I rather live in a shelter then be around my older brother's bother some offsprings.

When I'm ready to have a kid (one will do for me. One and one only.) I'll have one but not right now. Not when I have my choices and a life ahead of me. Besides, I work in a **** job that pays very little, share a room with someone I can't really stand, and the welfare here in New York for single women is practically ****. When I need help I am given very little. Half the 20 - 30 something chicks out here in the poorer neighborhoods are living a better life than me simply because they have a couple of rug rats on thier arms. NOT FAIR.

Therefore I am saving up money and looking for jobs outside this ******* city. Some where where I can have the stability that I'm looking/wanting for. Sure the grass is never greener on the other side, but in my case, I'm looking for a patch. I could NEVER think like this if I had a kid on my arm. There are alot of women that stay in situations because of thier dilemma of baby daddys, 10 cent jobs and the conformity of living off of welfare and being pampered off the governement. NOT FAIR.

Let me repeat myself - I HATE KIDS. However just because I don't think like the rest of the sheep in The City doesn't mean I should be punished or looked down on. This is MY LIFE. The rest of the world and judgemental ****** can kiss my ***.

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Awesome! Love it!

"I hate kids to the fullest"....great line!

I vent therefore I am. <br />
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Besides I didn't mean to make kids sound like they're soul, stealing Grimlins. I reread my artical and boy was I angry. <br />
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You got a point. I shouldn't judge the screaming mothers who slap thier kids around on the train, I mean I get it when a kid should be disciplined and they should, thats one thing. But it's another thing to yell and scream at a kid like they're 28. There are times when I feel more for the kid who's mother is acting deranged while on the way to the next stop.However everybody judge everybody. It's human nature.<br />
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I don't hate kids entirely - I was just simply getting something off my chest.

yeah sorry I got a little worked up too towards the end. and majority of the time I'm upset by those mothers on the subway (my cousin included) for the sake of the children. I just feel like that last point isn't discussed enough in this group.
you guys should be ticked off at children people, not incredibly angry at children. they sort of can't help and are not the reason for this child centric society. I know non kid having people have been marginalized but some people on this forum (not you. extreme cases) aren't doing them any favors by sounding completely insane

hey I live in brooklyn too. when I was a kid I lived in tribeca which is like child yuppie mecha and as I grew up, I came to really resent the way the parents felt entitled to run that neighborhood...I can't talk about adult things at a restaurant there because some woman took her 7 yr old out for dinner (I actually had a mother sitting next to me ask me to stop mentioning shop lifting in my conversation bc her kid could over hear it???). my cousin is also sort of the embodiment of angry ghetto mom. she got knocked up 3 times, all unplanned pregnancies. lived off welfare for a while. resentful of her kids...borderline abusive and neglectful. not enough to make you call child protective services but definitely would make someone squirm if they saw her freak out on public transportation. but like...you seem to be missing the point. a lot of you people on here seem to be missing a rather big point. they give these parents welfare, worthy or not, out of concern for the children. these kids aren't the gremlins you make them out to be. they're real individuals with feelings and needs, that their parents obviously can't meet. you're also ignoring the larger socio-economic mechanisms tht cause someone to be trapped in cycle of poverty. my cousin came from a broken home similar to the one she now runs. she doesn't have the emotional maturity to be single mother (let alone a mother of an autistic child...plus 2 more). its not an excuse but you shouldn't dismiss these explanations because its convient for the mythology you're painting. how is that not fair? being a single mom sucks and you dont know their situation from the 10 seconds you spent judging them on the train. why are you so..um aggressive? just dont have kids. some people want them. some people don't want them and end up having some anyway. jfc lady calm down no ones trying to forcefully inseminate you.

Welfare is for the kids? You could've fooled me. Everyone I know who is on welfare (which is just about everyone I know right now) sells their food stamps to buy themselves crap. Including, you guessed it, drugs! My boyfriend's sister is a GD welfare queen. She got $2000 from the guvmint to fix her car so she could go to school. She blew every nickel of it on herself! Now she's pregnant AGAIN by another guy, and driving her 5 year old son around in a POS car that barely runs, with no heat or AC! Here in OH if you want cash assistance you have to work somewhere to get it, or go to school. So she goes to some crap 'for profit' school somewhere to become a hokey medical assistant. Graduated last year and has not worked a freaking day since then. She's got every form of welfare you can think of including Section 8. I just had to go to her apartment a few weeks ago to let the Rent A Center guys in so they could drop off her THIRD flat screen TV she ordered. And your argument is ridiculous. My parents had me when they were 15 and 17. They were not on welfare ONCE. They both worked their butts off til they could afford to go to school. My mom is now a nurse and my dad owns his own very successful business. And neither came from a great background either. My dad was dirt poor from a family of 12 kids! So whhaaaa! It's for the kids! Yeah well if that's the case, then spend it on your KIDS, not YOURSELF.

I might also add that 2 "friends" of mine who have had 6 kids between them before they were even 30, lost their children to child services who placed them in foster care. They were more worried about losing their "benefits" (as they like to call them) than they were getting their kids back. So what do they do? They race to make another baby to get all their welfare back that they lost. And the mother (if you can call the cretin pig that) is always on FB bragging about getting her hair and nails done. Or they're always having a date night. I work a full time job plus overtime. I make what most would consider pretty good money, and even I can't afford to get my hair and nails done right now. Let alone spend $150 on "date night." And these are the same glorious "poor" people who come from a broken home with all these mental issues you are talking about. "why are you so, um, like, um, like, aggressive?" Us normal people who bust our butts at work everyday have every right to be beyond angry over this crap! I don't enjoy handing over 1/3rd of my paycheck to pay for someone to sit on their butt and not take care of themselves or their children properly! The guvmint will pay for you to go get an education and better yourself. How about use that option without abusing it!