A Breeder's Grateful Salute To The Childless...

I hate it when my fellow parents grill and condescend to those who have opted not to have children. It makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER to me, because what's it to them? I'll tell you what it means to me. It means that my two daughters will grow up to have fewer humans to compete with for the limited resources on this planet! Whether you despise children and never want to even look at one, or you just don't want to raise any of your own, thank you for making the future a less crowded place. In return, I promise to teach my children discipline and respect so that they'll be compassionate caretakers of ALL their elders, not just the ones who might score them an inheritance.

Next time someone sticks their nose in your crotch and asks why you hate children, throw it back on them! Tell them you LOVE kids and don't want theirs to live with the horrible consequences of overpopulation. Even if it's BS, act like it's a HUGE sacrifice on your part to miss out on the experience for the sake of the entire species. If they persist, just ask them why they hate THEIR kids so much that they need to add YOURS to their fight for survival.

While I make no apologies for my decision to produce crotch-spawn, I'm sincerely grateful and respectful to all who have chosen to do otherwise. Thank you!
DamianaRaven DamianaRaven
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2 Responses Apr 26, 2012

Ohmygoodness, this was so funny!

Thanks for your cheers, but I don't do this to benefit you and your special snowflakes. I do this to benefit me. I could care less whether your kids have a great place to grow up, or less competition. And since there's no chance of there really being less people unless there is a global plague that wipes out an enormous chunk of the population, this is really just fervor. I'm not making a 'sacrifice' because there is nothing beneficial about having kids. I am making a choice, and respect you for doing the same. Don't make it out to be anything more than it is.

Fair enough. The main point of my soliloquy is that no child-free person need ever worry about getting the third degree from me about their choices - only respect and gratitude.

soulless indeed. the author was just throwing it that there that not all kid-havers condemn us for not having kids. and I'm sorry, have you thoroughly read this forum? there are plenty of people making the argument that breeders are selfish or stupid bc they're contributing to overpopulation.

So, we should all just feel so sad for the breeders. Aww...poor things...making a personal choice and all. Boo hoo. I don't care either way. I don't listen to the militant breeder babble, nor do I care for the epic hate some CFers spit. But to receive condescending gratitude and calling it a sacrifice? No more than any idiot procreating is a sacrifice.