Do You Suppose We Adults Could Get Away With Behaving The Way Undisciplined Children Do?

For the record, I don't hate kids, but I certainly don't want any, I can relate to a lot of the stories posted here.

It is often the butt hurt or ineffectual parent who will respond to topics such as -Stop your kid from screaming in a restaurant- with, "You were a kid once!", "If you don't like screaming, stay home!", or "My kid has _______ disorder, he can't help it". Because they're kids, not only are we not supposed to say anything about annoying behavior, we're also not even supposed to be annoyed. And if we do and we are, we're kid haters, mentally ill, mean, selfish, or some combination of those.

I'm wondering how long it would take for establishment managers to throw us out or the cops to be called if we, as adults, started running through the aisles, screaming, crawling under tables, ramming others' legs with a shopping cart, all that stuff that we're supposed to accept from three feet terrors because "They're just CHILDREN"?
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Forget all the "little miracles". Forced sterilization would be a blessing.

I swear, sometimes when I hear a child screaming or acting bratty, I want to run up to it and scream and act bratty towards him JUST to see what the reaction would be. LOL

I couldn't agree more. Rarely do I get an opportunity to have a night out with my partner due to our work schedules. When we do finally go out, it never fails.. there is some bratty child there, screaming their head off, ruining the atmosphere. It seems that 99% of the time, the horrible parents that just expect people to put up with this nonsense don't even bother attempting to quiet the child, or take the child elsewhere so other people can enjoy their meal, or movie, or what have you. We have on more than one occasion actually left shows and restaurants because of such things.<br />
Same with flying.. <br />
Flying is not that enjoyable an experience as it is. Between being packed in a cigar tube like sardines for hours, and terrible service, again, parents don't even bother to try and quiet a screaming child whilst flying. Except there, you can't leave.. Nothing grates on my nerves more than having to listen to a screaming child for 8 hours whilst flying overseas. <br />
If a parent is actually trying to do something about the situation, then I try to be understanding. However, those who ignore the child or act as if the child is in charge (you know the ones, the parents who instead of saying "you will be quiet now.", to begging and saying "Please be quiet".) I have no sympathy for whatsoever. Those are the parents who my ire is targeted towards.<br />
I would love nothing more to see more establishments with 'no child' rules in place.