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It looks like some pwecious widdle puppy wuvvers got their pwecious widdle feelings hurt. These pwecious widdle puppy wuvvers don't recognize sarcasm when they see it. And these pwecious widdle puppy wuvvers just block out things they don't want to hear. I love this group!
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I must be so totally missing some history about this person or something. LOL! I still don't know what this post has to do with hating kids.

This person is a troll. She has kids of her own, which she deeply regrets having. She takes out her frustration on people who have made better life choices.

She started out writing condescending comments on other people's posts here, often lying about population to do it. She was called out and humiliated. She disappeared for a short while, but her obsession with us and lack of anything else to do with her life drew her back. She wrote a story in which she pretended to be like the member here which only served to demonstrate her proud ignorance of what this group is about, displaying her hysterical delusions. That post included references to animal abuse.

In short, she is one sick ****. It's no wonder her kids want nothing to do with the *****. Her husband is probably better off gone as well.

1. Yes, I am a troll.

2. Yes, I have children of my own. A beautiful 30-year-old daughter and a wonderful 25-year-old son. All of my life, I had wanted to have two children, five years apart. That's what I had. It was all planned. I had hoped to have a girl and a boy, and, while I obviously couldn't plan that part, I was fortunate enough to have them. My children are a blessing, they are especially a blessing when one is widowed. Sometimes I wish that I could have them back again when they were small, because those times were wonderful. My daughter, having had a happy childhood, always wanted children of her own, and she did, so now I have two wonderful little grandsons who are the light of my life. She is planning on having one more child---but you never know, my niece had two boys and was planning one more child, and her third pregnancy turned out to be twin girls!

3. I do not consider anyone else to have made better life choices than I did. I made the correct life choices for myself. I'm not qualified to make life choices for anyone else, nor is anyone else qualified to make life choices for me, nor is anyone else qualified to judge my life choices. Only I can do that.

4. I was never "called out" and I was never "humiliated." I never pretended to be anything other than a troll, therefore, how could I be "called out" on it? The truth is, you like to think you called me out on it, which is obvious because of all of your "**** off troll" comments, but you did nothing of the sort. Nor was I ever "humiliated." The truth is, you have deluded yourself that you ever "humiliated" me, because otherwise you would realize that your little campaign, your little campaign that was your only reason for joining the board, has been a failure. You have not chased me away. You have not succeeded in getting me to stoop to the name-calling that you have engaged in. You have not made me angry with all of your unjustified assumptions about my life. Not that I believe for one minute that you even believe what you say about my life---it's just something you drag the bottom of the barrel for because you are desperate to find some way to insult me.

4. If you want to say I have an obsession with you, I'll agree to that as long as you admit that you have an obsession with me, because my presence drove you so nuts that you joined the board to *attempt* to "kick me around" and you have obviously come back here again and again to check out what I've said.

4. I have nothing else to do? Rather true. No job and grown children at this point. But what about you? You're around here as much as I am. What else do you have to do?

4. The story that I wrote was a parody of stories I have seen right here, stories written by members of this board. Everything I wrote had a basis on something in a story that was already on this board---from complaining about kids in the neighborhood, to the names that were used to refer to kids, to being made sick by a supervisor's pregnancy, to calling parents "breeders", to saying that only childless people are smart, to saying that all parents are irresponsible, to wanting to put a foot in a child's mouth as soon as a child opens it, (this was said by someone right on this board), to refusing to believe that any parent can be happy, to complaining about a billboard upon which parents post pictures of their children. Every single one of these was posted right here on this board. I never could have written that story had I not read all of those stories beforehand. It was exaggerated, because it was a parody. That's all. If you don't recognize that, then you are the one who is wallowing in proud ignorance of what this group is about.

5. Yes, I referenced animal abuse. This was in direct response to someone who had to pitch a mean-spirited hissy fit because two little boys had approached his dog and tried to pet it. What a crime against humanity that was! That's a perfect example of the unreasonable hatred you see around here. But evidently this person who refers to children, human beings, in a hateful way, just loves his precious dog. Ironic, isn't it? So I made that post as a way to point out to him what he looks like to others, or would look like to any reasonable person, not the haters who come to this board. And then somebody doesn't see the irony in it and starts talking about serial killers and acts like she believes that I really kill dogs. Come ON, people. As it happens, I like dogs, and I have a little Yorkie myself.

6. My kids want nothing to do with me? How are you coming by this information, exactly? As it happens, I see my grown children frequently and my grandchildren frequently. You show me where I have said one thing to indicate that my children want nothing to do with me. You are pulling that out of thin air because you are so desperate to find some way to insult me, and that's because you are frustrated.

7. The remark about my husband is such a clear sign of frustration that I won't dignify it with a response.

And now I can tell you a few things about juliewashere88. A while back, I came across this board, and even though I don't hate kids, and did in fact want kids, and did in fact have kids, I thought I'd take a look at it. I expected to see people talk about the unfair pressures that they come under whenever they talk about not wanting kids. I expected to see them complain about family members not respecting their decision. I expected to see them complain that once their friends have children, suddenly, they have nothing in common any longer. That was the type of thing I expected to see. And, if that's what I had seen, I wouldn't have made any posts at all.

However, that was not at all what I saw. Instead, I saw children described in the most hateful terms imaginable. The two I really objected to were "worthless" and "morons". I saw parents, all parents, anyone who becomes a parent regardless of the circumstances, called "stupid" and "irresponsible". I saw childless people insist that all parents were jealous of them, a statement which was based upon nothing. I saw childless people state that all parents are "miserable" and that they all regret their decision to have children. This was backed up with with ridiculous assumptions such as "You can tell" and "You can see it in their eyes." And I was angered by the story of one woman, a woman who hates children and never plans to have children, telling parents to spank their children and to inflict physical pain upon their children. Parents should do this to please HER, evidently. As one who does not believe that physical abuse has any place in good parenting, I was appalled at that.

This was not everybody who has posted stories on this board, but it was a very good number of them. As a happy, responsible, loving mother and grandmother, I was appalled at this. So I began to make responses. Always the responses were reasonable. Always I was polite. Never did I engage in name-calling. Once, I did make an unwarranted assumption. It was to the aforementioned woman who pushed spanking on parents. I stated that she would be lonely in her old age. I let my anger towards her lead me into making an unwarranted assumption. I admitted that it would have been better if if I hadn't said that. Everything else was fair and reasonable. I told no "lies" about population. I stated that if all child-bearing were to end right now, then shortly the world would be de-populated. Where is the lie in that?

A few people responded to me. I responded to them. It lasted a short while. Then the dialogue was over.

Except in the case of juliewashere88. According to her own story, she was not a member of the board before I started making comments. In her own words, she joined "mostly" to "kick the resident troll around."

Something about what I was saying enraged her to a point that it hadn't anyone else. She began stalking me around here, answering every post I made, writing on my whiteboard, always full of very hateful insults, always engaging in name-calling, always making totally unwarranted assumptions about my life and about the way I feel about having children. It is not rational. The way that she has behaved is not rational.

Other people, people who have been members of the group longer than she has, have not become so enraged, have not felt the need to follow me around, have not felt the need to try to best me in any argument (which juliewashere88 has never managed to do, by the way), have not felt the need to stoop to hateful insults and have not felt the need to engage in name-calling. Why she does, I don't know. If she is happy in her childless-by-choice life, if she feels she is doing the right thing for herself and the world, then I don't know why my presence should agitate her to the extent that it does.

But I will not stoop to her level. I will use sarcasm, because you can't use logic with someone who is irrational, but that's all that I can do. Otherwise, I may answer rationally and calmly. But I will not allow anyone to drive me away with bullying behavior.

And I have one more thing to say. Here and there in this group of haters, you will see a person who is a voice of reason. You will see a reasonable person say something reasonable. Something as harmless as "Since you don't like children, it's good you don't have children, but I love children, and I love my children." You see, here and there, someone put up a defense to the hatred, someone defending parents and their rights. And always, these people get shouted down by the haters, and always, they let themselves get shouted down. So I made my mind up that I would not be shouted down by haters. The only hater who has kept it up is juliewashere88. It's a matter of principle to me. I will not be shouted down by a hater.

If you love children why don't you go over to the I love children group? Seems like hanging out would be a waste of your time. I read far enough to see that you love children, but I stopped reading after that.

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Dumbfuck, how can you not see the irony, really?<br />
<br />
By the way, what's it like having no life? I'm sorry you threw yours away.

What's it like having no life? Well, it's pretty much the same as having no life to the extent that you devote yours to stalking a troll.

BUT.....I can no longer question Your diagnosis that I have thrown my life away. For how can I doubt the wisdom a Graduate of God's School of Psychology? Surely, I cannot. So, while we're on the subject, I have some cases for You. True, these are people You haven't met, and will not meet, and You will know nothing of them but what I choose to tell you on the internet, but what matters that? You have proven Your prowess of diagnosing psychological problems based upon nothing but the frequency of visitations to a website, and You have proven that You're a Seer That Is To Be Reckoned With by being able to tell a person's entire life history based upon comments on a website, therefore, I do not hesitate to put my friends' lives into Your hands.

I know someone who has a serious fear of cats. She will leave a room if a cat enters it and go out of her way to avoid crossing the path of a cat. So, O Most Exalted Wise One, One of the Elect, God-Ordained Psychologist of the Masses, tell me her life story, tell me about her childhood, tell me about her young adulthood, tell me her dreams and hopes and fears and ambitions, tell me what caused this phobia, and cure her, O Almighty High One, Priestess of the Fine Art of Pulling Medical Diagnoses Out of One's ***!

And I know a guy who is always depressed and takes a cocktail of anti-depressants. Poor guy. I've always felt bad for him. Yet there is hope. I told him about You. I told him that I was incredibly fortunate enough to run across A High Holy One, One Who Sees All and Tells All, One With X-Ray Vision That Sees Through to the Soul, and I told him that You and You alone could help him, help him come out of his depression and not be reliant on drugs! What are medications compared to the advice of She Whose Mouth Diarrhea Is Always Correct and Accurate and Can Cure All Mental Ailments? Please help my friend! I'll be checking on him in a few days and I eagerly await to see the results of Your cure.

dumb cow. **** off, will ya?