Hello And Goodbye

Well, hello, all of my good friends in the I Hate Kids and Want to Kill Them All Group. I am here to make an announcement. My announcement has nothing at all to do with wanting or not wanting kids, but, since I've spend the most time here in this group, I thought I'd post it here...it's as good a place as anywhere else.

Well, I know this will result in great tears and lamentation (sarcasm intended), but I have decided that I can no longer come to this site. I haven't been here in about two weeks now, but I decided to come back this one last time and make it clear *why* I won't come back.

The reason is that I can't tolerate the way that this site operates...specifically, the way in which it allows members to block other members. Not just block private messages, but block any kind of response. It's lame and it panders to cowards. It stops free discussion. It encourages people to be crybabies, to allow themselves to stick their fingers in their ears and sing very loudly "LALALALA" because they don't like what they are hearing. I can't tolerate such an atmosphere as that. And another thing....it apparently allows people to delete their comments, and that thereby deletes any response to their comments, thus allowing people to erase the words of others. NOT COOL.

There is one other internet site I frequent and one reason I frequent it is that these things are not possible on that site. One cannot block another from responding to one, and one cannot erase any other's words.

The incident which prompted me to make this decision did not happen here in the "I Hate Kids" group, I hasten to add. It happened when I answered a question.

And here I will tip my hate to juliewashere88, if I got that name right, because, nasty hater that she was, she never blocked me and I never blocked her. I can say she's many things, but I can't say that she is a coward.

So, as a matter or principle, I wanted to make this post, though I'm sure nobody will care. Answer away, anyone, answer anything you want, for I won't see it. I'm signing off now forever and I won't be back for even one minute. Have nice lives.
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"Waaah! I'm a liar with a pathetic, empty life so I'm going to take it out on your people who made better choices in life than I did! Wah!"

Oh, yeah, I'm a "nasty hater" for calling your brainless, chronically dishonest *** out. Riiight.

*****, you don't get to complain about how this or any page operates. You're not in charge and this page clearly doesn't exist for your trolling ***. No one gives a **** what you think about the rules in a place where you're clearly not welcome.

Go cry at your mirror. No one here gives a damn.

Juliewashere88, I am breaking my word. Yes, I am breaking my word! I came back. I am back! And why am I back? Well, I am admitting it.....I just missed juliewashere88 too much. I missed her so much that I had to break my word and come back. I wanted to see if she replied to this story. And I was not disappointed! She did! She DID! And it's CLASSIC juliewashere88! Full of the name-calling that indicates an intellectual vacuum, full of illogical assumptions. I missed you so because it was so fun to slap you down and argue you into silence, which is what always happened. I missed it. I missed it, julie. So I had to come back.

These are the type of gems that I missed: (I'm so happy, this is so much fun.) "I'm a liar." Okay, julie, why don't you post one "lie" I've told here. Because you can't find any, that's why. "People who made better choices in life than I did." Don't you realize that what constitutes a "good" or "bad" choice when it comes to the decision to have or not have children is purely subjective? No? Don't realize that? Did you graduate from high school, by any chance? And then this, LOL: "*****, you don't get to complain about how this or any page operates. You're not in charge...." No logic. None at all. Yes, I DO get to complain about how this page operates. Complaining won't change how it operates, but I DO get to complain, and the very fact that I did complain and it's still here proves that I get to complain. I've been on many websites on which people complained about how the site operates. It's called "freedom of speech." Did you learn anything about the Constitution while you were in school or were you cutting that month? And you think that I think that you're a nasty hater for "calling your brainless, chronically dishonest **** out". No, dear, and if you had any reading comprehension at all, you'd realize that's not true. Well, let's see...."brainless" could be considered an opinion, and as such, it can't really be argued with. But "chronically dishonest". Now there, dear, you are in trouble. I challenge you to pick out anything I've posted here and prove it "dishonest." A tough task, in fact, an impossible one, because nothing I posted here has been "dishonest." But actually, all that is beside the point, because even IF I had posted anything "chronically dishonest", and even IF you had successfully "called it out", neither of which ever happened, but even if it had, that would NOT have been what makes you a nasty hater. You're a nasty hater because you're a name caller, you engage in vicious personal insults, and you make up lies about me so that you then have what you think is a basis for insulting me. THAT'S why you're a nasty hater. But that's alright with me, actually, because I do miss humiliating you. And because I miss you, I feel a little bad for you actually. I want to help you overcome your humiliation, at one front, anyway. Remember when you tried to argue that nobody should have children because life is suffering and death and everyone who is born wishes they weren't and I argued you into silence? Well, I was thinking, julie. You can redeem yourself there. You obviously wish that you hadn't been born, or you wouldn't have argued that way, so I was thinking one way of saving your face would be for you to take yourself out of the world. You can save face that way, julie. But you probably don't want to do it. I bet you don't want to do it, and I don't want you to do it, because I'd miss you too much, julie. But you have to admit, julie, that if you don't, you come off pretty bad. Nobody else should be born, but juliewashere88 is sure glad that she was born! But that type of thing is what I LOVE about you, julie! Now, julie, I am very busy these days, and I don't go online often, but don't worry, julie, no matter how long I am gone, I tell you now, I will be back, Must have my fix of juliewashere88!

This is what I heard: *Flounce, whine, cry*" Ebil baby haters don't like my trolling stupidity!"<br />
<br />
Don't let the door hitcha.

Ah, but what you heard and what was said don't jibe, really. I didn't decide to leave because the baby haters (and that's quite an accurate term, so I am using it, though I'm leaving out the "evil", as I never said that and it's a subjective judgment) didn't like my trolling. I knew from the start that the baby haters wouldn't like my trolling, but it didn't stop me from trolling. Nothing that anyone said, even the amusing juliewashere88, stopped me. I decided to leave because while answering a question about atheism, I was engaged in a debate with someone, which I was winning, and that person decided to delete his or her replies, which deleted some of my best arguments, and then blocked me. So it was a case of that person saying, "Waaa waaa waaa I'm losing, I'm going to run away and stick my fingers in my ears." That's why. It had nothing to do with this group, actually. BUT, as you can see, I just missed my juliewashere88 too much, so I'm breaking my word and I'm back. I will just have to tolerate the deleting and the blocking, because I must have my juliewashere88 fun.

"that person decided to delete his or her replies, which deleted some of my best arguments, and then blocked me."

Why is it I get the impression you were as psychotic in that "debate" as you are here?

Honestly, if you're spending so much time in an online thread that you don't have time to peak at anything else, you have a pretty pathetic life.