All Children Should Be Banned From Walmart!

I hate, loathe and despise children. I don't want to see them, hear them or smell them. When shopping at Walmart, I find it necessary to bring my mp3 player and turn it way up, to drown out the screaming of little brats. I have NO problem saying, quite loudly "shut it up"!!! Nobody wants to hear a screaming brat! And what's up with those little carts for kids? I hate them things! They run all over the place with them and run into my cart and the stupid parents do nothing about it. Just because you have a kid, doesn't mean that the whole world need to hear it or deal with it, when your dumb *** won't do anything about the behavior of your child. I can't stand the excuses parent make, well he/she is only 3. I don't give a crap! That's what duct tape is for!!! You keep making excuses for your child, your child is going to grow up expecting everything! And this putting your kid in a corner crap, what is that? That does nothing to discipline the child. It is an excuse for the parent to be lazy and do nothing. I could go on and on and on, but even me sitting here thinking about the evil, vile creatures, **** me off. I am extremely glad that there are no children in my house. AAHHHH! Peace. :)
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All brats should be banned from all public places. If they are not old enough to not be heard, then they are not old enough to be seen.

I hear ya, I have to go practically deaf turning up the music in my ears. We live in a society full of inconsiderate breeders who think everyone around them should be inconvenienced by their hellspawn. Pathetic really.

You not only don't like children, you don't have the first understanding of them. You believe you have the right to live in a world without children, which you DON'T, and because of your ignorance about them, you want to term normal childhood behavior abnormal. If you ever said to me, about my child or my grandchild, "Shut it up", I'd complain about you and have your *** kicked out of the store. You hate children and you don't understand them, you have no tolerance for normal childhood behavior, and THEN you want to tell parents how to parent? Go. To. Hell. I am glad that there are no morons like you in my house.

I have a question. If you, obviously, are pro-children, what are you doing commenting on a submission to an anti-children group? Are you confused? Are you justifying your life choices through berating others who have made different choices? Are you a troll?

I've noticed that you are a mother and grandmother with wonderful children and grandchildren. Good for you! So, what are you doing spewing disdain and chiding the childless by choice posters? Why aren't your sharing stories with the "I love children" groups? Why are you trolling the childless groups calling others who have different opinion from yours, morons? The OP is venting in a group designated for those who do not like children. She is not harming and/or disrespecting you. Why aren't you extending her the same courtesy?

After reading some of your other responses in various other anti-children groups, you are a sad little woman who is a drama maven that likes to stir up trouble.

One other point -- I like to shop. I've shopped in many cities in many states. I've seen many people ejected from WalMart to Neiman Marcus. The reasons have been stealing (although, mostly they leave with the police, unless nothing can be proven, they are still removed from the store) and those causing a disruption. The ones being removed for causing a disruption have been people with young children that could not behave. So, unless you have a personal relationship with the manager of a store, your threat to have the OP "thrown out of the store" holds no water. You would be the one causing a disturbance, and no store manager is going to put his store in jeopardy of a discrimination lawsuit because some hysterical woman is butt-hurt over some imaginary slight.

Have a good day.


You're the one who needs to go to hell, stupid ******* ***** filthy breeder.