I Really Hate Kids Too

I never wanted any kids even when I was a kid. I'm soooooo glad that I never had any. I took every precaution to ensure that I would never have children. That is one decision that I am glad I made early in life. I hate kids and I'm not afraid to say so. Thanks for creating this group!
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Yeah, the group is just great. People who call children "worthless morons", who believe that nobody at all should ever have children, with the result that the earth will be totally depopulated in about one hundred years, who insist, based upon no evidence whatsoever, that all parents are jealous of them because they don't have children, people who throw hissy fits because a child wants to pet their dog, who are so selfish and so close-minded that they don't even want their sister to talk about her pregnancy, people who say they want to put their foot into a child's face every time a child opens his or her mouth, who are angry because a co-worker is pregnant, who object to a bulletin board upon which co-workers post pictures of their children, because don't you know they have a RIGHT to not even have to LOOK at a PICTURE of a CHILD, who object to the fact that toilet paper packages have a picture of a baby on them, who don't think that children have the right to play outside because that means they have to see the children when they leave their house. Take a look around here. The group is just WONDERFUL. You do know that the type of people who are in this group are not representative of most CF people and that most CF people think that these type of people give them a bad name, don't you? I encourage you to find intelligent, rational CF people elsewhere.

And then there's the fact you can't tell exaggeration, which is what you are doing a damn good job of.

The ONLY thing that I referenced above, that MIGHT possibly be called exaggeration is the person who said she wanted to put her foot into a child's face every time a child opened his or her mouth. NOTHING else was exaggeration, and I exaggerated NOTHING.

****, you are really retarded, aren't you? If you don't like this group - **** off and don't come here anymore. You are truly pathetic, in so many ways.