I Can'T Fathom Why Anyone Would Want Children

I can't understand why anyone would want children. I always thought I would come around and my biological clock would go off... but the older I get, the more I just really hate kids. I think the idea of being pregnant and giving birth is just repulsive.

I think many people have kids because they think its just part of being an adult. Most of my friends with kids say that they love their kid, but if they could do it over again they wouldve waited or abstained completely.

Everyone says "but it's so different when it's YOUR kid". That may be true to a degree, but I'll take my chances and stick with my disposable income, vacations and free time.
HipHipJorge HipHipJorge
1 Response Mar 18, 2013

Yeah, the difference when it's yours is that you can't hand them back to the rightful owner, or run away from it. I hate them too.