Multiple Personality Disorder

There comes a time

When I must sleep

to let those beings

who dwell within

to have a chance

and live.

They come from memories long past dead

holding each with care and key

Dreading to remember what they hold

something old untold.

I wish to break their bonds on me

to not remember would be sweet

Colors are my enemey

the only thing that triggers me

and when I see red or gray

I shut my eyes

and fall fast asleep

They are the people old and young

who travel up my throat and talk

when I slumber in my core

They help and hold these memories

That I bear not to know.

Soon a day I will have to know

And memories will be broken and told

To look at colors and hear sounds

without sensations of dread

and dead

To talk to others

and be their friends

Would be by dream

but only dream

And till that day

I will be Asleep.
queenv6O queenv6O
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