I'm pretty young to be making the decision to have kids or not. Personally, I HATE children and would never willingly have them. How could you love something so sticky and loud? Children are nothing but ungrateful little *****!
My boyfriend has a big family and all his siblings have children between 1 and 10. They are all snotty brats and I loathe all of them. Whenever his nephews come over they always want to play loud shooting games and yell. One of them has autism so he is worse. I know he can't help it and I'm not blaming him for his condition, but it doesn't mean I'm going to be any nicer to him like the rest of those kids.
My boyfriend wants children one day and that's at least a year or so from now. He wants them in a few years or so which gives me more time to mature and actually think about it. I'm 18 and there is no way in hell I'm having children right now.
If it was honestly up to me I would never have them because of the money and time you have to put into the brats. With the money you spend on a child in 18 years, you could buy an expensive car or a house. Or all the food you'll ever want. I like food waaayy more than children and if I have to buy food for my kid I most likely wont get the food I want.
I'm the kind of person who would put steak, music, sleep and a cat before my child and I think some would agree.
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don't grand your BF a baby If you not sure If you want to become an Mother. Remember the burden will be on your shoulders and don't expect your Boyfriend to help you. Most men just want to have an Kid like It's a some kind of trophy and leave the raising to the Mother. I doubt you'll be happy forcing yourself into this situation since You don't like kids very much.

Takes on to know one

Takes ONE to know one... Can you even spell, idiot?