Satan's Spawn

Personally, I cannot stand those annoying little *******.

They are loud. They are messy. They don't' listen.

They're like Satan's spawn. 

And no, I don't want to hear "well you were a kid too". Dude I WAS ******* annoying. 

If I were to look back at myself 15/16 years don't even want to know.

And NO! No one is allowed to ask me to babysit. I will punt your baby through a ******* window.

The only kid I want has 4 legs and goes ************* woof!

And no I will not apologize for I feel nor will "change my mind"?

My uterus might as well shrivel up and turn to dust.

There won't be an child coming out of my vagina.

sparecincture sparecincture
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16 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I am sorry that you got Bingoed. It is an insulting activity done to those of us who are child free by unhappy parents. Misery loves company. Stay strong, and don't give them any. If you don't want children, at least you are being honest with your self. I support you in your decision.

I like you.

Wow i'm amazed that there are so many women who hate the little brats !! I've never been married because the women always want kids and i can't stand the little demon spawn.At least when i was a kid you could smack them; now they call the cops and put you in jail.I guess they have the power now the only thing that you can do is NOT HAVE ANY!!!

I might donate my ovaries to charity...

lol i agree with you I just wish I wsn't so stupid by having 4 of those little mother ******* !!!But I have found a way to get ride of them ,my mother (whom I hate for even having me )has custody of one of them and the other 3 was cramping my style so I left them home alone so I could go out to a club with my friends ,the youngest ***** opened my door and went into the streets looking for me (why would that little **** come lookfor me anyway )ACS got involved and gave tempoary custody to the man who thinks he's the father lol so this guy and his ***** is taking care of these demons and I do drugs just to fail my urine test I don't want these ******* stupid **** suckers back he does not want them I wish they get lost some how ,some where in the system I say to hell with them

They just suck. Plain and simple. Waste of time, energy, space and for what? Do be disrespected all their lives until they finally get out of the house? Good for you. Get the **** rid of them before they try to take over your life.

You are both sick *****.

Omg, I love you guys. I always thought I am the only one hating kids as much as I do but I am glad I "found" you :o)

Hell they're the worst thing that can happen to a person besides having sum kind of virus

i never want kids. i want to have a life!!!<br />
i am 17 though, ive already decided i HATE kids. theyre worthless, and they steal all your money that you could be using to do great things with your own life.<br />
i feel ya

I cannot stand kids either. They are little annoying brats! They dont listen to anything you tell them to do, they run around crying over the dumbest things, or sometimes even nothing at all. I am so glad I dont have kids. Nor do I want any, I am Never having kids!!!!

Kids=the baggage you wish the airlines would lose, LOL. I used to just not want kids, but now I hate them. I have to deal with one now (not mine, thank God) and I hate it.

i totally agree with you! i dont think i hate kids with the same pation as you but still. <br />
some kids can be nice, others are annoying as hell! i only have 3 kids in my life that dont annoy me to the extreme, but its alright, i dont see them often enough for them to get on my nerves. <br />
<br />
i dont want kids because i want to be able to travel and have money for myself. when you have a kid, you cant do/have these things! i wouldnt trade great trips and vacations for diaper bags and wipes! NEVER WILL!

I think you are my long lost sister. I feel the same way you do about kids. I can't stand them.

Well to me, kids can be ok, SOMETIMES!!!!!! I have 2 of them which make up to being about 10 of them. They can be on the spoiled and annoying part. Nall but, I love my kids, just sometimes I could throw they *** away.

I totally agree.<br />
<br />
Kids are ******* annoying!!! <br />
Everytime I see such an ugly face of a kid (to me, all kids are ugly), I wish I'd be allowed to punch it... <br />
<br />
Kids aren't innocent... they're silly and guilty. They do whatever they want and they enjoy to torture animals - so how could it be possible 4 them to be innocent?! <br />
Adults of course aren't innocent either and I don't say I was different when I was young but kids...<br />
I can't explain in a better way, I just can't stand them.

lolol, i agree with u on not having kids, ugh little monsters, lol and dude shes not being literall bout it, its an ex<x>pression of how much she doesnt want kids,, am i wrong ms?? anyway,, if only there were more ppl like u, honestly this world is overpopulatin itself at an axcelerated rate.... and also the fact that this world seems to have the idea in social status that every female SHOULD have at least one kid, and every guy should have a family, with all these assumptions and status i usually vent like that to in a huge negative way,,, its messed up, some ppl r completely happy their whole lives with not having kids and if thats wat that person wants, no one should say other wise. ugh, also while im venting here sorta, as an example, take one person, lets call her a red neck (btw im allowed to dis i grew up as a red neck girl and despise ignorant ppl) and this red neck girl decides she's going to pop out at least 4 or even 8 kids,,, i ask u, wat the **** is wrong with u, i know thats ure right and given will, but for real it in my opinion is as uneccessary as eating needles.... ha

this is my opinion if you doont like it dont comment