Kissarmy Is My *****

me and my REAL juggalo homie went walkin the night of the VMA awards or whatever, we just saw kanye get on stage and say that beyonce had one of the best videos of all time after taylor swift yadda yadda you know the night, and we were laughing our *** off just walkin around when a group of 5 kissarmy faggots told us to shut the **** up. we called the lil ******* out and stomped them in the dirt. just us two beat the **** out of all 5 of them. 2 went to the hospital, i broke the fools arm and my homie cracked a rib or two. all we got was a couple fat lips and black eyes, they were beaten bloody. the next time i saw them i walked right up to them and said "**** you, **** kiss" they didnt say nothin, of course they couldnt say nothin to the pigs. our facepaint concealed our faces. if i get in another scrap with those **** ima make them kiss the curb
knucklez knucklez
18-21, M
Jul 11, 2010