Get Away From Me Smiley

It started with a know which one i mean. I was a innocent and care free until that face came on the screen with a mouth full of sharp teeth pulling that little boy down into the sewer......i shoulda went to bed when my mom told me to.....They are just creepy. Always smiling and having some stupid goofy laugh. And they always wanna make you balloon animals(balloons are another no-no)I remember going to a fair when i was like 8. I was riding this brown and white pony when the freaking clown decides to walk over and "greet me". I screamed something awful and tried to jump off that horse but the guy supervising me grabbed me before my feet touched the ground. I buried my face in his shirt until my mom came over the fence. We went to the food carts to get me cotton candy and when I turned around, there was that creepy effer again trying to pat my head so I threw my candy at him and took off like a bat outta hell toward the street. my mother caught me before I got off the sidewalk and yelled at the clown to get the **** back or get slapped.....or somethin like that=) It didn't help either that at 13 when i was coming home from school, i opened the door to an empty house and went to use the bathroom when my uncle popped around the corner with a clown mask on......i peed all down my leg

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Feb 20, 2010