Just Dislike, Tbh

I had a friend who was a know it all. It was super annoying, especially because I really liked hanging out with her when she didn't have some sort of information to drop on me. I would be talking about something, for example..we where talking about jobs. In HS, I had gotten a lot of work experience done, which allowed me to get my first job. It was temporary, so I could go to University. So there I was, where I was at in University, first year with this friend of mine. I didn't have a job then, I just lived off of my bundles of savings.

She had a job but she was only doing a few courses of art, which really isn't anything compared to what I do, as far as homework and studying goes. She said that she was going to apply at a few places, we where at Starbucks and she was filling out an application. She said to me, " You really need to get a job and bosses don't like it when you do this this and this, you need to be on time at work..blah blah blah" basically telling me EVERYTHING I should do at a work site, to keep my job. I thought to myself, " First of all, I know how to keep a job, I just don't HAVE one. I know what to do, I know what time I should be there, I know what they like and dislike, shut up." and the second thing going through my mind was " Yeah, this is coming from the girl who was previously fired from 4 different jobs.."

I even remember one time when I was going to eat a pudding ( lol i know this sounds kinda funny) and she told me that there where " too many calories" and that I " Needed to start watching my weight" okay, miss all knowing queen, I weigh 122 lbs ( at the time) and I definitely don't need to watch my weight so BACK OFF and let me eat some tapioca.
ZappedToTheUnicorn ZappedToTheUnicorn
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2012