Can't Decided If Its Harder Knowing Deep Inside It Wouldn't Work Or That She Only Likes Me As A Friend.

So there is this women that i'I'v known for 3 years now we both work for the same place. I was the first person to meet her where I work because we had had a class together . And when I first saw her it was definitely more of a crush however over they past years I'v found myself having feelings for her I mean she truly is one of my best est friends in the world, id do anything for her that the drop of a hat. she's made it clear that we are just friends and she isn't aware of my true feelings, and to top it off we are roommates now and I can't stop worrying if shes doesn't come home i mean i have actually lost sleep over it. She's is without a doubt the more amazing women i'v ever had god's blessing to have in my life i only wish I could have her heart. I know i do to a certain existent that being on the friend level . But down below I know it would'nt't work shes upper 30s and me 26. I just hate having such powerful feelings for someone I can't have i honestly wish i could just keep my feelings on the same playing field as she is able to .  

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

she's left again for the night most likely its killing me..