Do I Ever

When i was in high school  it was horrible which im sure it still is ... but where im from Status is everything ..If your on the football team and your grades really suck it doesnt matter...  your still on the football team ...   in my school  we had the preps , the lower nerdy preps , The preppy punk rockers ( who fit in the preps go figure ) ,The  cool  wanna be thugs who come from farm country and never met a real gang member in their life  , the nerdier   wanna be thugs  who come from farm country who never met a real gang member in their life , Then their was the people i hung out with who were just a combo of everything ... but we were the ones who basically got tormented ... especially me i cried everyday though due to having bipolar d/o  just didnt know it then ..  but my school totally  was clicquy  i myself still dress the way i did when i was teenager .. and i really dont care !! everyone tells me i need to start looking like a mother and ya know what when i go to my sons school i do look like a mother ( with black nail polish  who cares ??? )
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go you :)