Gag Lady

There's been a bit of controversy over her latest video, for her song Alejandro. Fascist vibes, blasphemy, ***********. I thought, maybe this is just another case of people overreacting and reading into things because they have nothing better to do? I decided to check it out for myself.



I will admit the song is not bad, as far as pop goes. But the video...gross and tasteless doesn't begin to describe it. Has the line between *********** and acceptable mainstream music videos really grown so thin? If it weren't for those sheer panties, they'd be having sex. The only parts of her body I haven't seen are the pink bits. She's trashy, talentless and resorting to shock tactics to gain popularity.

I already thought her clothes and make up were really tacky and gross, but this just crosses the line. Being a sexual monster and having creepy Nazi-looking guys and bowl cut hairdo guys with fishnets and high heels dancing like women is NOT cool, interesting, amusing, enlightening, entertaining, meaningful - it's just sick.

According to her, it's a celebration of her love and appreciation for the gay community. I don't think many gay people will appreciate being associated with cross-dressing, Fascism, catholicism, bdsm and, basically, ****, and all in one hit. What people do in their own homes is their business (mostly), but this is very, very public - more like exploitation than appreciation.
ericofsweden ericofsweden
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2010