I Hate Leaving My House

I don't exactly know why but I hate leaving my house. I'm not completely crazy , I mean I will if I have to and once i'm out I'm fine, it's not like I get weird and people scare me, I function and act and look normal. I go to the grocery store and run errands. But other than that I just stay home, Sometimes I don't step outside my door for a week. People invite me to do stuff and I usually say yes but then I don't feel like going when the time comes so I blow them off last minute. I also avoid answering my phone. I only like to communicate via text or do social networks online if I have to fool with people at all. I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy a dinner out talking with friends. It's just theres only a small group of family and friends that I seem to like enough to push out of my comfort zone of these 4 walls. Anyone else like me? Am I crazy?

ModestMama ModestMama
Feb 9, 2009