Escape Route

You are a married man just waiting for an escape from your fake marriage,
You don't live as man and wife more like roommates...
It is like your marriage certificate is but a mere contractual agreement to lodging and bunk mating....
Your wife is your own personal maid and gets free housing and food...

And you wtf?
You are waiting for some young thing to save you from your unlucky-in-love situation
Yet each time she comes along you only f..u..c..k her and leave her running back to your master-slave set-up back home
Maybe it is all you ever wanted just a slave to cook and clean for you
Nothing to do with Love on a deep and meaningful level because you are just a shallow pig...

Don't tell me you put up with you wife because she would have nowhere else to go when you leave her
Or that you feel incredibly sorry for her that is why you stay with her
Ha ha ha if you really cared that much about her you wouldn't have f...u...c...k...e..d other women breaking her heart
Do you really think the food you give her or the roof over her head and blanket would make her really feel full and warm....

Do you really think your "slave and home" set-up would make her feel safe after you cheated on her countless times?
I mean how can she really trust you with her heart after all you've done to only break her essence apart?
Maybe she has such low self-respect and integrity too...
She enjoys the humiliation you put her through and must be happy with few....

You tell all the girls you want an escape
But truth be told you DO NOT want to leave your wife
And only leave them heartbroken
While with each new f..u...c..k you break your wife's little heart some more!!!

You think what you are doing is cool old man?
Seriously and then you have the audacity to wish her dead while she puts up with all your s...h....i..t,
Where would you get a better slave?
A better willing knave kneeling to and praising all your b...u..ll..shi..t???!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 8, 2012